Top 10 Shops To Visit At LaLaport KL For An Authentic Japanese Experience

A look inside the new Japanese mall
By: agnes
September 29, 2022

Back in January, Kuala Lumpur’s Bukit Bintang City Centre finally welcomes LaLaport, one of the most highly awaited Japanese malls this year. And while many stores were still in the midst of opening at the beginning of the year, most of them are now fully open. Therefore, it means now is the perfect time to pay LaLaport a visit! If you’re planning to take that drive to this Japanese-inspired mall, here are the top 10 shops to visit at LaLaport KL.

1. Coo & RIKU

For anyone who has ever been to Japan, you would definitely be familiar with Coo & RIKU. Coo & RIKU is one of Japan’s largest pet stores and it’s now in Malaysia! Therefore, it’s really one of the best shops to visit at LaLaport KL. This is especially if you love kittens and teacup dogs. Of course, you can also find a wide range of Japanese pet treats and accessories that will surely delight your little pets.

Where: Level 4, Lot L4-05 & 06

2. Nitori

One thing we love about the Japanese culture is how minimalistic and clean their houses are. Well, if you enjoy watching Marie Kondo and love shopping at Muji, then this is one of the best shops to visit at LaLaport KL. Nitori is a Japanese furniture and interior design store that has everything you need to transform your home. From contemporary sofas to organisation decks, you’ll be surprised at how long you’ll spend shopping here. With Nitori, you can now have the Japanese home of your dreams.

Where: Level 3, L3-10B & 11A

3. Matcha Eight

Calling all matcha lovers – what’s a Japanese inspired mall without a matcha stall? Therefore, if you’re looking for the best shops to visit at LaLaport KL, Matcha Eight is one of it. Matcha Eight offers artisanal, premium, and all-natural Japanese tea ice cream produced with the best single-origin tea powder sourced from Wazuka, Kyoto Prefecture. They are Malaysia’s first premium Japanese tea ice cream artisan; offering a variety of sencha, matcha, and hojicha tea richness to suit everyone’s palate.

Where: Ground Floor, Lot G-68

4. Nojima

Pic cred: Nikkei Asia

If you’re someone who likes to have everything in one shop, then Nojima is one of the best shops to visit at LaLaport KL. Nojima is popular for its electronic gadgets like phones and tablets, but they also sell various electrical household appliances. Furthermore, Nojima also offers bedding products at pretty great prices. Thus, if you’re looking for some useful Japanese appliances to add to your home, Nojima is really the place you should be shopping at. Truly, it’s a place you have to visit for sure.

Where: Level 3, L3-10A


Pic cred: @sizzlekakaako

Yakiniku is a popular style of cooking in Japan, which is why YAKINIKU SIZZLE by YAKINIQUEST is one of the best shops to visit at LaLaport KL. Although yakiniku can be known as street food, you will find the cuisine elevated here. They use premium meat in various dishes, all of which are cooked to perfection. Furthermore, the meat melts in your mouth like butter and the combination with other ingredients are just too amazing to describe. Date night, anyone?

Where: Ground Floor, Lot G-92

6. Fans

Do you love Japanese sugary treats? Then we guarantee you will be a fan of Fans. Fans is a well-known premium sweet store in Japan and now we get to experience it ourselves! They offer a wide variety of pastries, cakes and puddings too. Most of the desserts also feature fresh fruits, which is what Japan is known for. But the dessert we love the most is the daifuku, topped with a beautiful and sweet strawberry. Therefore, if you’re planning to pay Fans at LaLaport KL a visit, we highly recommend that you try the daifuku.

Where: Lower Ground 1, Lot LG1-FH-18

7. Shin’Labo

Thinking of celebrating your anniversary or birthday at a Japanese fine dining restaurant? Then Shin’Labo is one of the shops to visit at LaLaport KL for you and your loved ones. Shin’Labo is a Japanese fine-dining spot that uses French techniques when it comes to serving up dishes. Every plate is truly gorgeous to look at and tastes immaculate as well. However, do expect to spend an amount when visiting Shin’Labo. Though we feel like the price is worth the experience and the delightful flavours too.

Where: Ground Floor, Lot G-13A & G-13B

8. Pansy

Aside from the wide range of food to find, there are also nice fashion shops to visit at LaLaport KL. Take Pansy, for example, they are one of Japan’s finest footwear brands. But now, you get to experience the level of comfort as the Japanese do as well. Despite being newly open, Pansy is already offering great deals to all Malaysians. Their footwear options are also stylish and comfortable for both young and old.

Where: Level 2, Lot L2-35

9. Shabu-Yo

Get a taste of authentic Japanese food at Shabu-Yo! Over here, you can indulge in a tasty Japanese sukiyaki and shabu-shabu buffet. At just RM39.90 per person, you can stuff your tummy full with unlimited Australian wagyu beef, pork, chicken and vegetables! What’s more, you can also try making your own ice cream, shaved ice and waffle with their machines. From the ala-carte menu, you can also order delicious meals such as chicken karaage and Japanese curry rice. 

Where: Ground Floor, Lot G-78 & 79

10. Sushi Yoshi Omakase

For a classic personal dining experience, head on to Sushi Yoshi Omakase at Lalaport. Priced at RM298 per person, enjoy special omakase crafted by professional chefs. What’s more, is that the menu set depends on the type of omakase you choose. The basic omakase set usually includes 3 types of appetizers, 3 types of seasonal sashimi, a steamed dish, a seasonal dish, 7 pieces of special sushi, soup and dessert. 

Where:  Ground Floor, Lot G01-G02 

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