Pavilion KL’s 15th Anniversary Meets Longchamp’s Stylish Revolution in a Fashion Forward Collab

Pavilion KL and Longchamp are teaming up!
By: Farah Khan
August 16, 2023

The collision of style and sustainability has landed in the heart of Malaysia, and it’s hotter than a supernova on a catwalk. Pavilion KL, that sleek mecca of shopping delight, is celebrating its 15th glorious orbit around the sun by joining forces with the iconic French fashion house, Longchamp. The result? A limited-edition Le Pliage bag.

This eye-catching Le Pliage bag is made from 100% recycled polyester, a fabric sourced from the reincarnated forms of plastic bottles and other discarded wonders of the modern world. It’s like fashion’s very own phoenix, rising from the ashes of our plastic addiction. And guess what? The bag even flexes its eco-muscles with a water-based adhesive, ensuring that its environmental footprint is as light as a moonbeam.

But don’t be fooled into thinking this bag is all about hugging trees and singing Kumbaya. Oh no, this bag is the embodiment of style and sophistication. Its sleek design, adorned with a combo of blue and red hues, is a direct nod to Pavilion KL’s contemporary ambiance. Just imagine strutting through those luxurious hallways, turning heads as you go, while the bag whispers tales of the vibrant and eclectic energy that flows through Pavilion KL’s veins.

Let’s not forget the French flair, shall we? Longchamp, the Parisian powerhouse, has woven its signature optimism and independence into this celestial creation. It’s not just a bag; it’s a statement, a declaration that you’re ready to embrace life with style, grace, and a dash of je ne sais quoi. This bag doesn’t just carry your essentials; it carries the spirit of fashion rebellion.

This is not your average fashion fling that falls apart after one season. This bag is in it for the long haul, just like Pavilion KL’s unwavering commitment to sustainability and its dedication to those fancy ESG principles (that’s environmental, social, and governance).

This limited-edition masterpiece will be up for grabs at RM1,560. And if you’re feeling especially lucky, Pavilion KL has cooked up a little extra fun. From August 15th to September 12th, you can join the Top Spender Rewards campaign for a chance to win this envy-inducing Le Pliage bag. The top 15 winners will be revealed on September 30th, leaving you just enough time to prepare your acceptance speech.

So there you have it, Pavilion KL and Longchamp have teamed up to prove that sustainability and style are not just celestial bodies that pass each other by. They can collide in the most glamorous of ways, creating an explosion of eco-glam thunder. Get ready to strut your stuff, and rock that Le Pliage bag.