Here Is What You Need To Know Before Buying the Oppo Band 2: A Review

Perfect companions for fitness enthusiasts
By: Iffah Salleh
February 20, 2024

We’ve recently discovered one of the best smartwatches on the market, and we’re pleased to share it with you, even if it’s a little late!

The Oppo Band 2 smartwatch made its formal debut in Malaysia in 2022, with a recommended retail price of RM249. It comes in two charming colours: Baby Blue and Midnight Black, which can elevate your everyday style.

But what makes this small companion so beloved? You’ll have to keep reading to find out, and we’ll reveal all the information for you.

Design and First Impressions

First things first, let’s discuss the design. At a retail price starting from RM209, the Oppo Band 2 offers affordability that aligns well with its functionality. Opening the package reveals the Band 2, a charging cable, and the usual manual to help you get started.

The Oppo Band 2 features a 1.57-inch AMOLED display, which delivers vibrant colours and clear visuals. The screen impressively showcases the necessary information, making it bright enough to display on-screen content clearly. Overall, it earns a thumbs-up for its first impression!

The Oppo Band 2 boasts a simple yet sophisticated look that perfectly captures the modern and elegant aesthetic the developers aimed for. The bands are very lightweight and breathable, weighing only 33g, almost like it’s not even there. This smooth experience is consistent with most people’s preference for feeling weightless while performing everyday tasks.

Another significant advantage is the Band 2’s water resistance rating of 5 ATM. This rating ensures that whether it’s raining or shining, wearing the watch outside is perfectly safe. You can even take it for a swim without any concerns.

In general, this feature adds to the Band 2’s great design and affordable pricing. It does not compromise the wearer’s leisure, comfort, or durability, making it an excellent watch for any occasion

Features of the Oppo Band 2

To maximise the usage of this smartwatch, you will need to download the HeyTap Health app, which provides a seamless experience with customisable watch faces, detailed workout reports, and stress monitoring capabilities. Dive into your exercise routines, stress levels, and breathing patterns with ease.

The Band 2 features a built-in stopwatch and alarm, so you can time chores and wake up without relying on your phone, or if you need to twist and roll to catch your phone to turn it off the alarm, instead you can just easily tap your smartwatch and it will snooze for another round.

However, there’s a slight drawback with the Band 2 for iPhone users, as its compatibility is limited compared to Android users. Unlike iPhone users, Android users can enjoy features like music control and “Find My Phone”. Although music control may experience occasional lag, it’s not a significant issue worth dwelling on.

This is a feature common to most smartwatches, including phone call notifications that typically involve a buzzing alert for incoming calls, with limited call management options. Similarly, message notifications can be managed through the HeyTap Health App, enabling you to customise your watch’s alerts to your preferences

Performance: A Good Companion for Fitness Geeks!

When it comes to performance, the Oppo Band 2 really excels for fitness devotees,. Imagine rock climbing, for example, it will provide a detailed breakdown of your workout, from calories burned to your average heart rate, and it even categorises the intensity of your efforts. The only limitation? You’ll need to manually start the activity each time, which can get tiring, and repetitive.

But there’s no need to dwell on the downside, as running and walking are where Band 2 truly redeems itself, effortlessly overshadowing any previous concerns. The smartwatch seamlessly senses your movements, delivering real-time updates on distance, duration, intensity, and calories burned without any additional effort on your part.

And we can’t overlook the convenient daily summary feature. It provides a comprehensive overview of your entire day, including completed activities, steps taken, and calories burned. This feature truly solidifies the Band 2 as an indispensable workout companion, delivering exceptional performance at an unbeatable price.

Battery: 14-day Lifespan

Unpacking the power behind the Oppo Band 2, let’s talk about its battery prowess. While it claims a commendable 14-day lifespan for regular daily use, our real-world testing revealed a slightly different story. 

Despite not quite reaching the advertised duration, the Band 2 held its own remarkably well. Throughout my two-week trial, which included a mix of workouts and everyday wear, it reliably powered through nearly a full week on a single charge.

But here’s where it gets even better: charging the Band 2 is a lightning-fast affair. From nearly depleted to fully juiced up in less than an hour, it’s a testament to efficient charging technology. In essence, the Band 2’s battery life excels, ensuring uninterrupted usage for extended periods without the hassle of frequent recharging.

Final Thoughts

We find the Oppo Band 2 to be an exemplary choice among smartwatches, particularly in terms of affordability and functionality. Its ability to provide detailed summaries of workouts is truly impressive, offering users invaluable insights into their fitness progress and goals. Moreover, the Band 2’s remarkable battery longevity ensures uninterrupted usage, making it an ideal companion for those with active lifestyles.

Beyond its performance, its sleek and stylish design further enhances its appeal, seamlessly blending with various outfits and daily activities. Whether you’re hitting the gym, heading to the office, or enjoying a night out, the Band 2 effortlessly complements your attire while keeping you connected and informed.

For those eager to delve deeper into its features and capabilities, we highly recommend exploring the official Oppo Band 2 website, where you can find comprehensive information and specifications. 

And if you’re ready to make a purchase and experience Band 2’s excellence firsthand, you’ll find it conveniently available on their Shopee or Lazada digital storefronts, ensuring a seamless shopping experience.

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