Crank It Up! The Most Anticipated Albums of 2024 So Far

The music Gods have blessed us
By: Astrid Zulhaime
February 20, 2024

It’s only the middle of February, yet 2024 is already shaping up to be a major year when it comes to music — so much so that the Internet is worried about a possible music drought in the years to come. Choosing to ignore that worrying possibility for the time being, let’s celebrate all the new music we’re about to be blessed with these next few months. Did every main pop girl unanimously decide to drop albums in 2024? Judging by all the upcoming releases below, we wouldn’t rule out that possibility.

The Most Anticipated Albums of 2024 We’re Excited For

1. eternal sunshine, Ariana Grande

On the 8th of March, pop princess Ariana Grande is set to return to music with her highly-anticipated seventh studio album, entitled eternal sunshine. Grande took a two-year break from music to focus on her acting career and cosmetics brand, R.E.M Beauty. We’re pretty sure we speak for everyone when we express our whole-hearted relief that this year, the Ariana Grande music drought is finally over.

Last month, Grande released the lead single yes, and? to promote eternal sunshine. The song debuted at number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart, increasing Grande’s count of debut number-one singles to six and overall number-one singles to eight. A remix of yes, and? was released last week, featuring vocal legend and one of Grande’s biggest musical inspirations, Mariah Carey. It’s unclear whether there will be another single from eternal sunshine‘s gradually released thirteen tracks, but whatever Miss Grande has in store for us, best believe that we will remain seated until March 8.

2. Act II, Beyoncé

In Beyoncé’s own words, Bey is back and I’m sleeping real good at night! The reigning queen of music is set to release her newest album on March 29th, which marks the shortest period of time between two of her LP projects. Beyoncé’s critically-acclaimed Renaissance album was released less than two years ago and marks the first installment in her on-going three act project recorded during the pandemic. This March, we will all be treated to Act II, the placeholder term used until Queen Bey unveils the name of her eighth studio album.

Anyone outside of the Bey Hive may be shocked to learn that Beyoncé is going country for her next album. But is it really that far of a leap for a woman born and raised in Houston, Texas? Apart from that, Beyoncé already has a country song called Daddy Lessons on Lemonade, her 2016 album widely considered to be one of the best in history. She even performed the song with the Dixie Chicks at the Country Music Awards that same year. As we are well aware of this at Glitz, we weren’t taken aback when she released Act II’s lead singles Texas Hold ‘Em and 16 Carriages during the Superbowl. Put your cowboy hats on, people, Beyoncé is taking over the country genre in March!

3. The Tortured Poets Department, Taylor Swift

Are there any tortured poets out there? You might want to join The Tortured Poets Department, founded and led by none other than America’s sweetheart, singer-songwriter Taylor Swift. Swift announced the album during her Grammy win for Best Pop Vocal Album at the Grammy Awards ceremony earlier this month. The announcement both delighted and caused outrage worldwide, as fans were expecting a rerelease of her 2017 album Reputation, following the pattern Swift set of rerecording her earlier albums she didn’t own the masters to. Nevertheless, Swift’s massive fanbase is more than enough to make The Tortured Poets Department one of the most anticipated albums in 2024.

Swift’s eleventh studio album is set to be released on April 19th. The album consists of sixteen tracks and includes collaborations with American rapper Post Malone and the English indie rock band Florence and the Machine. We weren’t expecting Swift to collaborate with the former, but we are beyond intrigued about what their song together, Fortnight, will sound like. Additionally, the physical editions of The Tortured Poets Department will feature bonus tracks, so get your hands on a copy this April.

4. Lana, SZA

The new Queen of R&B doesn’t have the best track record of keeping her promises when it comes to releasing new music, but we can’t help holding on to hope. The four-time Grammy Award winner, professionally known as SZA announced the release of her third album, Lana, last December. The title is derived from SZA’s AKA Solana Rowe’s nickname, also her first tattoo that she got at 13 years old. Unfortunately, new information about the project has yet to follow, including the album’s release date.

Here’s what we do know: Lana was first announced as the deluxe edition of her wildly successful second LP released in 2022, SOS. However, SZA has said more recently that the album has expanded and is now distinct from SOS, set to become her third standalone studio album. The 34-year-old also hinted that it might be a surprise drop, so don’t expect more information anytime soon. All we know for sure about this mysterious LP is that it contains the unreleased track Saturn, which was performed by SZA at the Grammys ceremony earlier this month. Here’s to hoping that she doesn’t pull a Rihanna on us and leave us waiting for years.

5. DL3, Dua Lipa

Before we delve into the last entry of our most anticipated albums of 2024 list, can we take a moment to appreciate the work of art shown above? Talk about an album cover-worthy shot, but this promotional photo from Dua Lipa’s Training Season is more than just a pretty picture. It perfectly encapsulates Lipa’s trippy third album era — the title of which she still guards despite its confirmed 2024 release. Described by the 28-year-old as a “psychedelic-pop-infused” album inspired by British club culture, it’s a departure from the disco sound that made Lipa the household name she is today. Future Nostalgia had its critically-acclaimed time, after all.

Lipa has released two singles from DL3, the chart-topping hit Houdini and the aforementioned Training Season. Although the public has commented that Lipa’s new sound is too similar to her old one, the psychedelic influences are undeniably front and center in the songs’ productions. We can hardly wait for Dua Lipa’s eleven-track third album to be released — and for her to finally tell us what the LP is called. Her fans seem to believe that it could be titled “Vertigo”, “Kaleidoscope”, or “Lucky Stars”. Personally, we’re hoping for “Vertigo”.

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