Honest Review: Junji Ito Exhibition Delivers on Fan Expectations 

From Manga to the Silver Screens to Reality
By: Iffah Salleh
September 29, 2023

Glitz recently had the privilege of delving into the mind of Junji Ito, the mastermind behind iconic characters such as Tomie and Uzumaki. 

Having experienced the chilling exhibition at LaLaport BBCC, we’ve gathered our thoughts, as well as insights from fellow fans. Does this showcase live up to expectations? Join us as we explore various aspects, from pricing to the overall experience and lingering impressions. Keep on reading!

The Experience

The exhibition truly provides a ‘real’ glimpse into Junji Ito’s masterpieces. As you queue — and yes, the line can be quite lengthy — and stand in front of the door leading to the ‘Horror House,’ the journey begins. 

The horror house is essentially a maze, with two gates labelled A and B. Groups, consisting of eight people each, start with gate A. After navigating a suspenseful maze, you’re welcomed by the exhibition at the end. Following this, you queue again for gate B. While not as jumpy as gate B, the darkness adds an adrenaline rush and keeps you on your toes.

Is it scary? We don’t think so, but it’s definitely worth it, especially for fans. The maze entertains with some jump scares, allowing you to witness life-sized recreations of Junji Ito’s masterpieces, immersing you in the magnificence and details of his art.

From Fans

Let’s not just take our word for it; let’s hear from the fans themselves!

The Siblings Duo, Siti Solehahzf & Syadazf, influencer.

The siblings duo, Siti Solehahzf, and Syadazf

“In terms of the exhibition, it’s undoubtedly worth the money. Witnessing the authenticity of the manga come to life at the exhibition meets expectations,” said Siti Solehahzf.

“The horror house is a hit, with jump scares and live characters that bring Jinjo Ito’s creations to life. However, the double queuing for gates A and B felt a bit cumbersome. Connecting both could streamline the process and enhance the overall experience,” she adds.

The famous spiral curse from the chapters of ‘Uzumaki.

Syadazf, a devoted fan of Junji Ito, enthusiastically declares, “Tomie is my ultimate favorite; I even have her as my wallpaper.” When asked about the most mind-bending stories from the manga universe, she promptly points to “Spiral (Uzumaki),” stating, “It was both skin-crawling and mind-binding!”

While expressing her approval of the exhibition, she concurs with her sister on the inconvenience of the queues. “Connecting both halls would eliminate the need for a double queue,” she suggests.

Cheah, Content creators.

Chea, a content creators, believes this exhibition is a must-visit for fans. “If you are a fan, no doubt, definitely be here. But if you are not but want to discover the horror effect or how this horror manga turns into reality, definitely check out this exhibition over here,” he emphasises. “For general attendees, I’ll give it a solid 7 out of 10!”

Arissa, Cosplayer

Arissa dresses up as Tomie, one of the iconic characters of Junji Ito’s universe.

Arissa, a cosplayer dressed as Tomie, praises the exhibition’s uniqueness.

“I didn’t expect the combination of a horror house and an art exhibition. This is pretty unique because I don’t think I’ve found any other anime exhibition like this one,” she says. “I’ll definitely come again to experience this exhibition with my friends!”

So, will you give this exhibition a go? Explore more about the event here! Do not forget to share your verdict after experiencing the exhibition!

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