The Best Holiday Destinations in Singapore: Places to Visit and Things to Do

Say hello to Singapore!
By: Aina Shamshuri
July 26, 2023

Taking a trip down south and starting to plan out your itinerary? Singapore is famous for its incredible shopping scenes, modern malls, and luxury hotels, but there are plenty of other things you could do without breaking the bank. The Lion City is nothing short of awe-inspiring with its architectural wonders, lush green sanctuaries within the concrete jungle, and captivating attractions. The whole island is just brimming with history, culture, and fun for the whole family, so pack your bags and check out the best things to do and places to visit in Singapore!

Best Attractions in Singapore

1. Take a trip through time at the National Museum of Singapore

Not just a stunning neo-classical building that seamlessly incorporates modern glass and metal, the National Museum of Singapore is also the oldest museum in the country. One of the most famous places in Singapore, you and your family will get to learn all about the country’s rich history and culture in a super fun way. The museum is home to an ever-changing display of events, such as art exhibitions, immersive experiences, and film screenings, so be sure to check out their website to see what’s on.

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Address:93 Stamford Road, Singapore 178897
Operating hours:10am – 7pm daily
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2. Breathe in Fresh Air at Singapore Botanic Gardens

Another can’t miss must-visit in Singapore, the Singapore Botanic Gardens was first established in 1859, and it spans over 82 hectares. The Gardens is also first and only tropical botanic garden on the UNESCO’s World Heritage List, having been officially inscribed in 2015. The Gardens actually comprise several different gardens, including the National Orchid Garden (pictured), the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden, and the COMO Adventure Grove, just to name a few.

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3. Cruise through River Wonders

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Home to one of the world’s largest freshwater vertebrates with over 11,000 animals, River Wonders is definitely one of our favourite places to visit in Singapore that’s fun for the whole family. Located within the Mandalai Wildlife Reserve, River Wonders is actually a river-themed zoo and aquarium. So not only can you watch marine life like manatees swim around, you also get to see fuzzy creatures like giant pandas, beavers, and red pandas! Not only that, you’ll get to take a trip down the Amazon River through the Amazon River Quest, an exhilarating yet educational ride.

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Address:80 Mandai Lake Road, Singapore 729826
Operating hours:10am – 7pm daily
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4. Visit the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum

This is a world-famous temple known for storing the left canine tooth of Lord Buddha. The Buddha Tooth Relic itself is housed in a giant stupa that weighs a whopping 3,500kg, made from 320kg of gold, 234kg of which were donated by devotees. Follow a guided tour through the temple and museum, and learn all about this ancient religion through its intricate interiors and comprehensive exhibits. Entrance is free for both adults and kids, so you definitely can’t miss out on one of the most famous places in Singapore.

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Address:288 South Bridge Road, Singapore 058840
Operating hours:9am – 5pm daily
Contact details:65 6220 0220

5. Explore MacRitchie Reservoir

Image via Lonely Planet

In our opinion, MacRitichie Reservoir is one of Singapore’s best kept secrets and one of the best places to visit in Singapore for free. A 12 hectare hidden gem at 181 Lornie Road and completed in 1868, it’s Singapore’s oldest reservoir. This reservoir is a haven for nature and sports enthusiasts, as it not only has a few walking trails, you can also also go kayaking and freshwater fishing. The longest trail spans is 11km, but most people would probably want to go through the TreeTop trail, where you’ll be suspended 250 meters above the forest floor. You can also climb up the eight storeys of Jelutong Tower, and reward yourself with unparalleled panoramic views from above.

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Address:MacRitchie Reservoir Park, Singapore 298717
Operating hours:7am – 7pm daily
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6. Discover Pulau Ubin

Travel back in time to see what Singapore looked like 50 years ago. Pulau Ubin, where life seems to be frozen in time and unmarked by modernity, is just a 15 minute ferry ride from Changi Point Ferry Terminal. Revel in amazement at the stark difference between the island and the city centre; its untamed jungle and the wild animals that roam, the tin-roofed homes without any running water or electricity, and its gorgeous untouched lakes. The quiet island is also home to Chek Jawa Wetlands, where a beautiful coral reef houses several different species of marine life. Definitely one of the best places to visit for couples, families, and friend groups alike.

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Address:61 Pulau Ubin Singapore 508310
Operating hours:
Contact details:65 6542 4108

7. Have a Splashing Fun Time at Adventure Cover Waterpark

It may be a tourist attraction, but Adventure Cove Waterpark is where you’ll get to go on thrilling water rides and get up close and personal with marine life. Definitely one of the most fun places to visit in Singapore for the whole family, this waterpark has endless amounts of fun rides and attractions. Coil down on a donut at the Spiral Washout, splash around at Bluwater Bay, or drift down the Adventure River to explore 14 different amazing zones. The best place to be on a hot day, this is the perfect place to visit in Singapore for kids and adults alike.

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Address:Resorts World Sentosa, 8 Sentosa Gateway, Sentosa Island, Singapore 098269
Operating hours:
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