DG1 Hosts A Night With The Stars with Diana Danielle, Iman Mohamed, Tim Connor, Nadia Brian and More!

A night filled with SEA stars!
By: Farah Khan
January 18, 2023

Since their official launch in Malaysia four months ago in September 2022, Canadian/Swiss-based eCommerce service provider DG1 has been working to revolutionize the local market. DG1 is exhibiting a new standard for being online for all sorts of enterprises in which their commercial potential may be levelled up to limitless growth, locally and worldwide.

About The Launch

On Friday 13th January, the brand showcased for the first time an impressive line up of websites that were designed and personalised for 11 megastars and influencers from South East Asia. This star studded launch included Diana Danielle, Nadia Brian, Ramona Zamzam, Tim Connor, Afifa Anuar, Thanuja Ananthan, Dada Herzog Al-Attas, Iman Mohamed Osman, Raja Izzuddin, Leen Zakaria, and Maggie Wilson( who joined via remote video sharing).

“Influencers and businesses will be able to monetize their full name and branding to the utmost, simply by using our all-in-one online platform. The influencer or brand has a sophisticated e-commerce, big data, and communication system running on its own web platform. The brand or influencer has access to all of the campaign-related revenue data. SMEs may grow their operations and entirely treble their profits by levelling up with DG1.” Gregor Zebic, group CEO and creator of the firm, stated.

What The Stars Had To Say

We had the chance to speak to Diana Danielle, Nadia Brian, and Iman Mohamed Osman to learn about their experience with DG1. Here is what they have to say:

Iman Mohamed Osman

“Knowing that we’re going to grow in terms of digital growth, and expanding our business online is very interesting and exciting. I saw the potential in having a website for celebrities and influencers hence I needed to get my friends to try it too and so I introduced them to it too. The more the merrier! The overall process of creating this website was very swift. The team did thorough research on top of the material I had provided. It is super user friendly and I’m happy I’m able to use their system with little to no effort (no coding necessary!).”

Discover her website here.

Nadia Brian

“Iman introduced me to DG1. I was interested right away after hearing what she had to say. Today was actually the first day I saw my website and I’m delighted with the results, I really love it. I can’t wait to add more photos to show more about myself and the things that I do on the website. The main reason I wanted this website was that I want people to know me more than just what Instagram can provide. What I can show, and have shown on my social media platforms are very limited. With this website I’ll be able to show more. I hope I can show more of my achievements and showcase a different side of me.”

Discover her website here.

Diana Danielle

“There’s not much awareness of celebrities having a lot of power over their identity. They rarely had their own website to do so. It normally was through Instagram, TikTok and other platforms. So it’s empowering that we have a website that contains everything that we want to say and show, in our own site. This website is like a home, I call it my very own HQ. I do call on to other celebrities and influencers to do the same. It took very little effort. The DG1 team was very efficient and supportive. They do most of the work without having to bug you for every little detail, they do a lot of research about you to create the end product (website).”

Diana also saw her (secret) website that DG1 helped create for her husband, Farid Kamil, for the first time during that night. She expressed her amazement and how well executed the final website was. There is no doubt Diana still very much gets the butterflies every time her husband walks into the room!

Discover her website here.