ZUS’s Latest ‘’Iced Shaken Drinks’’ Shakes the World gf Coffee Lovers!

New series currently features two iced shaken drinks
By: Aqilah Najwa Jamaluddin
January 25, 2023

It’s the new year; it’s the new season! But our love for coffee stays the same. Hence, indigenous tech-enabled coffee firm ZUS Coffee has declared 2023 the year of the shake, with the formal introduction of their lineup of iced shaken beverages. A novel beverage mixing method based on the Italian shakerato—an espresso shot, ice, and sugar syrup stirred together in a cocktail shaker—with an amount of suitable milk added.

The Iced Shaken Double Espresso, which is a blend of Vanilla syrup, Caramel syrup, and raw espresso beans, topped with fresh milk, and the Iced Shaken Orange Osmanthus Espresso are the first beverages to be added to the menu; a summary iced espresso with the sweet and tangy flavours of fresh oranges and osmanthus.

They are specially crafted as the premier beverages of the iced shaken range, but they also bring flare and style to the present line-up of drinks, delivering a particularly delectable treat for caffeine enthusiasts.

Terrence Ho, Head Barista at ZUS Coffee

“Shaken coffee goes through an aeration process when the ingredients are mixed together, which gives it an added smoothness. It’s lighter on the palate, and the dilution process from the shaking takes off the harsh edge from the caffeine, which brings your coffee experience to a whole new level,” shared Terrence Ho, Head Barista at ZUS Coffee. 

He then added, “We played around with the ingredients before we found what we felt was the right combo of sweet, strong and creamy — the perfect mix of ingredients for a refreshing boost whenever you need it.’’

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