10 Best Christmas Desserts In Malaysia For Gatherings

Jingle bell all the way to tummy
By: Iffah Salleh
November 14, 2022

Just a few more days remain until December! The hunt for the best Christmas desserts in Malaysia is about to commence! With all the food and desserts that are released over the Christmas season, it doesn’t get any better!

Indulging in something sweet may be the best reward, and everyone deserves a treat. If you have a sweet taste but lack the time to prepare something, you can order these establishments’ variations of Christmas treats online for delivery or takeaway.

Having trouble coming up with a gift for the Christmas party? Glitz will help you pick your favourite dessert from one of these ten places and head over there to brighten your Christmas.

Best Christmas desserts in Malaysia 

1. Haagen Dazs

In the Bronx, New York, Reuben and Rose Mattus founded the American ice cream company Häagen-Dazs. We have been eating sweets in Malaysia for years to fulfil our sweet tooth. They’ll make this the best christmas dessert in Malaysia more pleasant for you! We advise to pay a visit to your local Häagen-Dazs now!

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Information Detailswww.haagendazs.com.my


2. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

For our Christmas, a delightful savoury twist is necessary. Finish it off with some delicious Jingle Berry Swirl, Happy Holiday Log, and Starry Starry Night. We are obsessing over Grandma’s Smoked Duck Salad and cannot wait to enjoy it.

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3. September Bakes

With its Christmas Bundle Set, September Bakes extends a helping hand to everyone! If you’re looking for the best brookies on the peninsula, this is the best Christmas dessert in Malaysia. You’ll have a tonne of options from our large selection of holiday delicacies, including biscuits shaped like gingerbread men, brownie cookies called Brookies, and personalised Christmas gift cards!

Additionally, they have a “Boozy Christmas Bundle,” “Burnt Butter Chocolate Cookies,” and a “Classic Christmas Bundle” Set for this holiday season.

View the September Bakes menu and order here.

4. Michelle Young

Michelle Young is back for the best Christmas desserts in Malaysia with the most lovely delights! It will make you feel incredibly happy and make you want to devour their holiday-themed delicious treats. Get their II Marone Treatbox for a guaranteed boost of happiness! You can purchase your preferred individual products from this Treatbox based on your interests.

View the Michelle Young menu and order here.

5. Real Sweet Treats

This online bakery, based in KL’s Jalan Ipoh, sells made-to-order cakes and pastriesis the best Christmas desserts in Malaysia for its diversity of treats. They provide a range of lovely dessert boxes, such as the “Merry Tart Box,” for their Christmas collection from the previous year. Looking forward to the Christmas box this year

View the Real Sweet Treats menu and order here.

6. In the Clouds Cakes

This cakery, run by Head Cake Artist Melissa Wong, specialises in creating custom-designed cakes and pastries. We wonder what the house has in store for the christmas desserts in Malaysia this year after receiving a DIY Gingerbread House kit last year that the kids loved! Keep an eye out for it!

View the In the Clouds Cakes menu and order here.

7. Cakes by Maine

This Kepong-based bakery that accepts halal products is also selling a unique Christmas collection. Many inventive, delicious, and amazing desserts have been assembled by them. Look at their Instagram account and drooling at the same time. If you’re looking for a delicious Christmas dessert, this is unquestionably the spot that you should come over.

View the In the Clouds Cakes menu and order here.

8. Scoones and Me

For those who struggle to handle sweet christmas desserts , scones are a great substitute. The perfect treat for gatherings with family and friends is none other than a pile of scones with any tea of your choice and some fruits on the side. If you don’t know what to get for your loved ones, the scone comes in a lovely gift box and makes a wonderful present! Who could really oppose scones?

View the Scoones and Me menu and order here.

Pre-order: 2 days in advance 

9. The Buttercake Factory 

They haven’t yet shown their best work for this year, but looking back at their history of spreading holiday cheer with their imaginative desserts, they made a snow globe bauble cake last year that came in four different colours; now that’s passion! You’re in for a treat, so check them out and get your wallets ready.

View the In the Clouds Cakes menu and order here.

10. Little Collins

A well-known KL bakery in Mont Kiara sells gorgeous boxes with seasonal decorations. The Jolly combo from the previous year consists of homemade caramel popcorn, various macarons, and chocolate cake pops bringing a lot of joy to anyone that brings them home. We’re interested to see what they have in store this year because they seem to be preparing their following for the holiday season.

View the Little Collins menu and order here.

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