10 Best Liquor Brands In Malaysia And How To Get Them

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By: agnes
July 14, 2022

While most of us prefer beers when heading for a night out, it’s nice to sip on some quality liquor sometimes. Just like the biggest alcohol producers in the world such as Germany and Mexico, Malaysia has some amazing liquor brands too. From the heritage-filled tuak to whiskey and gin, here are some of the best liquor brands in Malaysia and how to get them!

1. Bad Cat Borneo

Source: @badcatborneo 

Bad Cat Borneo is probably one of the most popular liquor brands in Malaysia that produce tuak. If you’re unfamiliar with tuak, it’s a Sarawakian rice wine that’s brewed right here in East Malaysia. Bad Cat Borneo offers different tuak flavours that range from original, roselle, pineapple, asap, apple and black pepper. We personally love the roselle flavour. This is because tuak is pretty strong on its own. Thus, the sweetness from the roselle helps balance the tart alcohol taste. However, we’ve heard that the asap and black pepper are super interesting as well. 

How to get them: Distributors in Sarawak and Penang. Click here for more information.

2. Timah Whiskey

Source: @timahwhiskey

The introduction of Timah Whiskey brought a whole lot of headlines to Malaysian newspapers. But one thing’s for sure, it’s one of the best liquor brands in Malaysia. It’s so good that it was awarded a gold medal at the Colorado International Whiskey Competition. Timah Whiskey is a fine double-peated blended whiskey that can be taken on the rocks. Timah has a pleasant blend of mostly smoky flavours on the nose along with a faint floral fragrance. It transitions from a smokey palate to a sweet, mild oak finish. It is light and fruity so if those are your favourite notes then this is for you.

How to get them: Click here

3. Haus of Lihing

Source: Haus of Lihing Facebook

One of the best liquor brands in Malaysia is Haus of Lihing, which produces tapai. Similar to tuak, tapai is rice wine, but from Sabah. In terms of its taste, we would describe it as somewhat similar to Sarawakian rice wine. However, the unique flavours offered by Haus of Lihing makes it different from tuak. In Kuala Lumpur, you can get three different varieties including the original, cinnamon and ginger. If you’re looking for something sweet then cinnamon is a must-try. On the other hand, if you’re thinking of something spicy then the ginger flavour is the way to go. 

How to get them: DM @hausoflihing to place your order

4. Gin by Eiling Lim

If you’re an alcohol enthusiast then Eiling Lim should be no stranger to you. Eiling is Malaysia’s first independent bottler who also has her own label which launched in 2014. Since then, she has released a number of liquors including rum, whiskey and gin. The latter has been her pet project for two years and features unique local flavours. She has created gin using Southeast Asian flavours like pandan, jackfruit and Galangal. In addition, the gin is distilled in Belgium and features the best botanicals. Therefore, if you’re looking to spice up your classic gin and tonic, this is one of the best liquor brands in Malaysia to try.

How to get them: Contact Eiling here

5. Whiskey by Eiling Lim

Source: Eiling Lim Facebook

Eiling is a true whiskey lover, which is why she started bottling her own Whiskey – becoming Malaysia’s first independent bottler. She and her spouse chooses whiskies based on three factors. Firstly, the whisky’s flavour needs to be greater than decent because the average is simply insufficient. Second, the whisky ought to be extremely palatable so that one can enjoy drinking it. Finally, they aim for a favourable price-quality ratio. They avoid selecting casks that exclusively contain expensive whisky from renowned distilleries. Thus, they offer a wide selection of whiskies at competitive costs so that no one is forced to keep Eiling’s bottles as investments and never drink them. Eiling wants whisky enthusiasts to enjoy each bottle on their own or with their friends.

How to get them: Contact Eiling here

6. The Durian Whisky

Source: durianwhisky.com

It’s not truly Malaysian if it doesn’t include durians, right? This quirky yet intriguing liquor is made from the best of the best. Premium Musang King durian that’s thick and creamy is used for this specific whisky. In addition to the aroma and flavours that you can find in durian and whisky, this liquor also features anti-oxidants, vitamins, proteins, and minerals. While some may debate that durian and whisky are toxic when mixed together, The Durian Whisky has a page dedicated to busting this myth. Thus, if you’re worried then fret not. Just make sure to drink loads of water after a night of indulging as both durian and whisky can be heaty.

How to get them: Order here

7. Tuak Atelier by #WAT

Source: @tuak.atelier

Looking for a beautiful local gift for your friend? Then this is one of the best liquor brands in Malaysia to get. Tuak Atelier packages tuak in beautiful wine bottles that are almost too pretty to drink. Furthermore, they produce unique flavours that you may not find at Bad Cat Borneo. You can find flavours featuring ingredients like passionfruit, butterfly pea, pineapple and more. However, the bestseller from Tuak Atelier is their 24k Gold collection. The collection features what they like to call ‘liquid gold’, where you get shimmering tuak.

How to get them: DM here

8. Viss Vodka Liqueur

Source: Viss Vodka Liqueur Facebook

Just like Tuak Atelier’s 24k Gold collection, Viss Vodka Liqueur sells colourful and shimmering vodka. Nevertheless, every colour represents a different flavour: pink for cherry blossom, orange for pomegranate, yellow for passionfruit, green for lime, blue for blueberry and purple for wild berries. Not only are these a fun gift for your birthdays, but are sure to get all the attention too. In addition, they don’t contain as much alcohol as regular vodka, carrying only 17% of alcohol with them.

How to get them: Click here

9. Cocktails by Coley Bar

Source: @coleylumpur

Birthed from the Movement Control Order (MCO), Coley is one of the few bars in Kuala Lumpur offering bottled cocktails. If you’ve tried cocktails from Coley, you’ll know that they are one of the best in town. Thus, we believe that they deserve to be on our best liquor brands in Malaysia and how to get them list. You can find a wide range of bottled cocktails from them. This includes rum red date, vodka jasmine tea, gin chrysanthemum and more. 

How to get them: Coley Kuala Lumpur

10. Toddy from TOD

Source: @todtoddyondemand

One of the best liquor brands in Malaysia is TOD, which sells fresh Toddy daily. What’s Toddy, you might ask? Well, it’s a drink that typically contains rum, water, sugar and spices. Toddy is also typically used in Ayurvedic medication, but you can get your Toddy fix right here. Alongside Toddy, TOD also sells Toddy popsicles, which are great for the hot and humid weather. However, if you want to share your Toddy with your children, then we recommend getting the non-alcoholic lychee version. 

How to get them: DM here 

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