I Went on a Retreat with Adidas, and I Feel Like a New Woman

Here's what happened at the re3t!
By: Aina Shamshuri
February 15, 2023

I recently went on a 3-day, 2-night retreat with adidas to experience their new SS23 Bra and Leggings, and let’s be real – I’m never going back to normal sports bras or leggings ever again.  Adidas’ new SS23 Bra and Leggings are tailored specifically to reduce discomfort we all feel while working out like constantly having to pull up your leggings or adjust your bra strap. They’re all also available in inclusive sizing, and partially made with recycled materials. With four lines of bras and leggings designed for All Gym, Studio, HIIT, and Running activities, each piece was made with womens’ comfort in mind by incorporating breathable material, adjustable straps, strategically placed pockets, and more. 

The ‘re3t’ was held at The Outpost Hotel in Singapore, and it was a total physical, mental, and spiritual experience. Throughout the re3t, adidas had planned a series of workshops, all carefully designed to help reset our mindsets, recharge our bodies and style, and rejuvenate our minds. Spoiler alert: mission accomplished. To celebrate the launch of the new SS23 Bras and Leggings collection, adidas invited creators and adiClub members from all around Asia Pacific for a retreat to reset, recharge, and rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit.

My Experience During the #BeSupportedBeYou Retreat

Day 1: Reset Mindset Workshop

On the 3rd of February, over 50 of us from all over Asia Pacific including Philippines, Australia, and South Korea, arrived in Singapore and checked into The Outpost Hotel. After we freshened up, we headed to the Reset Mindset workshop, led by Dr Jay-Lee Nair, a sports and performance psychologist. I had a lot to go over in my mind as I had recently given birth, so having a new baby was a whole new chapter for me. There was absolutely nothing like resetting your mind and realising that although I’m a new mother, I don’t have to give up the life that I enjoy and instead, I can just embrace my new role with open arms whilst still being the woman that I am. Not only was it an eye-opening experience, we also got to do the workshop while enjoying the incredible sunset, and it was absolutely unreal.

Day 2: Sunrise Mat Pilates Session

We started off the second day bright and early at 6.30am, where we did a Mat Pilates session led by Eugena Bey at sunrise. I’m a morning person and I do enjoy a spot of pilates before my baby wakes up if I have the time, but seeing the sky wake up across the horizon of the Singaporean waters was amazing and absolutely a thing of beauty. Feeling the strength of womanhood all around me was super empowering too! Waking up my body with slow movements, being surrounded by such strong women, experiencing the gentle sun rays on my skin – it all felt so serene.

Day 2: HIIT workout with BeBe

After breakfast, we had a nutrition talk by Charlotte Mei about the types of nourishment that we require as women. As a new mum, I felt like I really needed this as my body is still changing and adapting to the needs of not only myself, but also to my baby. Afterwards, we geared up for an intense HIIT session with adidas partner and celebrity trainer, BeBe. It really got our blood pumping and our hearts racing, and I felt super ready to take on the day.

Day 2: Trying on the new bras and leggings

The most exciting part came after lunch. We got to recharge our style and get to know adidas’ brand new release of bras and leggings. The new SS23 bras and leggings were made for every kind of workout, whether it be in the studio, gym, running, or HIIT. We even got to play dress up! We had an activewear styling session where we got to understand practical tips on bra-fitting. As a new mum whose body is changing, adidas’ new collection of versatile, high-tech, and inclusive-sized bras and leggings for every kind of woman really meant a lot to me.

As I tried the pieces on, I really felt like it hugged my body in all the right places, and gave me a lot of support without feeling tight or constricted. They were really comfortable and supportive, so my body could still move as freely as possible while still supporting my body. The bras and leggings fit me so well, I felt like I had my prepartum body again. Although I love my current body, I really appreciated how good the new activewear made me feel.

We even put all the new activewear to the test at the relay activity, and although I’m not much of a runner, I could definitely feel the support it provided. I didn’t even have to worry about pulling my sports bra or leggings up, and it made it all so much easier to focus and not have to adjust anything. I didn’t even feel sweaty or hot because the AEROREADY tech is designed to wick away sweat, which means that it’s totally breathable and dry. Not to mention, I felt so confident in the activewear that I think I ran the fastest that I ever have!

Day 3: Body Strength Workout and Creating A Vision Board

We kicked off the final day with an outdoor body strength workout without any equipment. It may seem cliché, but feeling the sun on your face while being surrounded by strong women was so empowering. With the added support of the new adidas activewear, how could I not feel confident and powerful? Our final activity of the re3t was to create a vision board, and although I thought that this was just one of those TikTok trends, it definitely helped me to envision what I want in the future, and how I can make those dreams come to life. As a new mum, I have all these goals for my family, and creating a vision board really helped to clear the fog so I can start making moves to achieve my goals.

All in all, the adidas r3t was so empowering. Though it really pushed my physical limits, it also really helped my mental and spiritual strength. I’ve never felt so alive yet so calm at the same time. And now that I’m home, I’ve definitely never felt more excited to work out now that I have the adidas SS23 bras and leggings!

adidas SS23 Bras and Leggings Collection

Available now, the SS23 Bra and Leggings Collection ranges from RM189 – RM 399 for apparel and RM 449 – RM 559 for footwear. Find them here at 

You can also find the collection at the following retail stores:

  • adidas, Mid Valley Megamall
  • adidas Brand Center, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
  • adidas Brand Center, Sunway Pyramid
  • adidas, The Gardens Mall
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