Ray-Ban Flips the Script on Eyewear with the Reverse Collection

Ray-Ban turns eyewear on its axis with the Reverse collection.
By: Farah Khan
May 21, 2023

Decade after decade, Ray-Ban has been boldly pushing the boundaries of fashion eyewear. With their insatiable curiosity leading the way, they have now turned eyewear on its axis with the audacious release of the Reverse collection. This groundbreaking line features four unisex sunglass styles that boast an impossible new lens, completely reversed, and to top it off, they’ve enlisted the striking supermodel Vittoria Ceretti to be the face of the campaign. Talk about flipping the script!

Ray-Ban’s Reverse Collection

Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of this eye-catching collection. The Reverse lenses are an exceptional feat of advanced engineering that shifts from the traditional convex shape to a mind-bending concave form. But don’t worry, this shape-shifting masterpiece doesn’t compromise on optical precision. Thanks to innovative astigmatic, prismatic, and resolving powers, you can strut your stuff in style without sacrificing your ability to see the world clearly. It’s like having a futuristic pair of glasses straight out of a sci-fi movie, but with the added bonus of looking effortlessly cool.

But that’s not all—Ray-Ban has gone above and beyond by applying a high-performance anti-glare treatment to the pantoscopic lens. Say goodbye to those annoying reflections that always seem to interfere with your Instagram selfies. With up to 70% reduction in reflections at wavelengths that your precious eyes are most sensitive to, you’ll be able to snap those #OOTD shots with ease.

Now, let’s talk style. The Reverse collection takes four iconic silhouettes—the Aviator, Wayfarer, Caravan, and Boyfriend—and flips their meaning on its head. Classic design enters the avant-garde as Ray-Ban invites you to embrace the unexpected. Who says you can’t be edgy while rocking those timeless frames? With the Reverse collection, you can be both retro and futuristic, a true fashion maverick.

But Ray-Ban doesn’t stop at cutting-edge design and mind-bending lenses—they also have their sights set on sustainability. The Reverse collection is crafted with an ergonomic universal frame that gently traces the curves of your cheekbones, ensuring a perfect fit for every face shape. And here’s the cherry on top: Ray-Ban has embraced alternative materials to lessen their impact on the planet. The collection utilises bio-based nylon lenses with a 41% bio-based carbon content, bio-based acetate frames with a 67% bio-based carbon content, and 100% recycled packaging, card, and cleansing cloth. Fashion-forward and environmentally conscious? That’s a win-win.

Shop The Reverse Collection

If you’re itching to get your hands on these mind-bending shades, mark your calendar. The Ray-Ban Reverse Collection will be available for purchase at all Ray-Ban Stores and Ray-Ban.com starting May 19th. And for those who prefer a more traditional shopping experience, fear not—the collection will also be available through all owned and operated EssilorLuxottica wholesale channels from June 15th. So, get ready to flip your perspective and embrace the avant-garde with Ray-Ban’s Reverse collection. It’s time to see the world from a whole new angle.