A Brunch Adventure At Fine Coffee and Flowers – A Delightful Review! 

Savouring delightful dishes and creating lasting memories: a truly contented…
By: Iffah Salleh
November 9, 2023

On lazy Sunday mornings, the quest for a soothing escape often beckons, and what way to unwind than with a leisurely brunch? That’s my go-to routine.

With my mind set on tranquillity, I scroll online through nearby cafes — considering budget, reviews, and the elusive blend of quiet charm essential for restoring my mental equilibrium. 

After a contemplative 15 minutes in my bed, Fine Coffee and Flowers emerge as the chosen one. Candidly, it was the irresistible allure of their Tiramisu that ultimately clinched the decision for me; a visually appealing temptation that whispered promises of a delightful experience.

A Cute & Inviting Cafe

Dotted across Klang Valley, I chose the Jalan Ampang outlet for my Sunday morning brunch. As I approached, the closed neighbouring stores gave the area a slightly desolate feel.

However, the pastel-coloured charm of this cafe, with its adorable bench outside, transformed the scene into a delightful, Ghibli-like atmosphere. I strolled inside, soaking in the inviting ambiance. 

The left side housed a flower station, adding a touch of nature to the setting. It was quiet, and I estimated I was the third customer — quite soothing and wonderful I must say.

The well-spaced tables avoided any sense of tightness, a refreshing change from cafes that invade your privacy. The furniture was well-maintained, with sturdy chairs accommodating couples, groups of four, and even larger gatherings of around eight people.

Wonderful Waitress

Stepping back in time, I was greeted with a warm “good morning” as I entered. The staff, including a particularly beautiful waitress, asked about the size of my party. In response, I proudly declared ‘Just ONE,’ though my soft tone contradicted my mental proclamation.

She expertly guided me to a table, presented the menu, and I embarked on my mission to try the Instagram-famous Strawberry Matcha. Seeking her brunch menu recommendation, I was impressed by her friendly assistance. After some deliberation, I chose the Egg Toast based on her suggestion.

As I waited, they offered me a bottomless glass of water — an appreciated gesture, especially on a thirsty morning. Maintaining my ‘main character’ vibe, while waiting for my orders, I pulled out the book I was reading ‘The Sun and Her Flowers’ by Rupi Kaur.

Food, Drinks & Dessert

Service was prompt, and the presentation of the food was both quick and aesthetically pleasing.

Strawberry Matcha

The Strawberry Matcha lived up to expectations — well-balanced, not overly matcha-heavy, with a hint of sweetness and a genuine strawberry taste. 

Egg Toast

The Egg Toast, a visual treat, was equally delightful. The gooey omelette, sweet yet savoury caramelised onions, and soft, sweet toast made for a satisfying combination.

Strawberry Matcha and Egg Toast

Though initially, I doubted the portion size for the RM19 price, my perspective shifted as I savoured each bite. While I had planned to order more, the Egg Toast proved surprisingly filling. A minor critique — perhaps a touch of salt could enhance the overall flavour.


As anticipated, the Tiramisu, the persuasive force behind my visit, matched its Instagram allure. 


After finishing my toast, I raised my hand and showed the waitress a photo of the Tiramisu from Instagram. She efficiently understood my request, and within six minutes, the dessert arrived — just as cute and pretty as in the picture. 

It is sweet, but paired well with the right drink. I envisioned it alongside a steeping cup of tea, creating a harmonious balance.


Unable to sample everything, I glanced at neighbouring tables, capturing pictures of their appealing dishes. That’s good enough for me to have a reason to come back here to try out their other menu.

These images serve as a helpful prelude for future patrons, aiding quick decisions upon arrival. So, next time you come to this cafe just skip the menu and give your order already!


I give Fine Coffee and Flowers a 4.5 out of 5, with a slight deduction for not exploring the entire menu.

For a satisfying Sunday brunch, the dishes I tried were exceptional. I can envision returning to sample the remaining menu items and recommending this delightful cafe to friends and family.

The ambiance is inviting, making it especially suitable for introverts seeking a casual and laid-back atmosphere– at least for me!

I felt at ease, accompanied by a cool playlist — truly a perfect Sunday retreat.

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