Nini Tan: Empowering Mothers & Reclaiming Lost Time Through Innovative Laundry Services

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By: Iffah Salleh
May 17, 2023

Let’s face it – doing laundry is not exactly high on anyone’s list of favourite activities. It’s a chore that we often approach with a mix of reluctance and resignation.

Yet, amidst the pile of dirty clothes and overflowing hampers, there exists a solution that eases the burden and brings a glimmer of relief – self-laundry services. These convenient and efficient facilities offer a lifeline in our quest to conquer the never-ending laundry cycle.

In this article, we have the privilege of sitting down with Nini Tan, the CEO of DobiQueen, a leading name in Malaysian laundry services. Join us as we delve into the empowering world of self-laundry services, where innovative solutions reclaim lost time and bring greater ease and convenience, particularly for single mothers.


Your success inspires aspiring entrepreneurs and those seeking to embark on a business venture. What inspired you to establish DobiQueen and embark on this laundry business journey?

The inspiration behind DobiQueen is personal to me, as I am a self-laundry user and a working individual. When I come home from work, I simply want to rest. However, traditional laundry methods often leave me with additional housework. 

This led me to question how I could enhance the lives of busy working adults. Imagine this: amidst our hectic schedules, utilising our 6-hour laundry service allows you to drop off your laundry and find it ready for you upon your return. 

Moreover, it will be neatly folded and delivered to your doorstep. This undoubtedly improves your lifestyle and saves you valuable time.

Industry’s Leading Innovator

What makes DobiQueen stand out from other laundry services in Malaysia, and why do you consider it to be the industry’s leading innovator?

One of the distinguishing factors that sets DobiQueen apart is the presence of dedicated supervisors at each of our self-laundry outlets.

These supervisors personally attend to your laundry needs, ensuring that it is handled with care, from sorting it into designated bags or baskets to assisting in the transfer from the washing machine to the dryer. We take pride in being pioneers of this service, introducing a more personalised approach.

Imagine the convenience of starting your laundry and using the waiting time to enjoy a meal at a nearby restaurant without worrying about your laundry being finished during your meal. Our attentive staff will ensure a seamless transition from washing to drying.

Secondly, we also offer delivery services that you can choose based on your lifestyle. Whether you want it today, you can opt for the 6-hour express delivery service, or if you prefer the normal delivery, it takes three days. Therefore, we can confidently say that DobiQueen is highly flexible when it comes to catering to your household needs.

Additionally, we use high-quality softener (Downy) and detergent (Breeze) to leave your clothes not only clean but also pleasantly fragrant. Our advanced formula guarantees long-lasting freshness for up to six months, ensuring your clothes always smell great.

Check out their delivery services here.

Empowering Mothers

Tell us about the training opportunities you provide for single mothers and women. What key elements will enhance their self-esteem, and what positive transformations do you anticipate through this training?

Our training and coaching programs are designed to empower our high-performance team members by eliminating limiting beliefs and decisions that hinder their progress. We recognise that at times, they may feel held back from achieving their full potential. 

Therefore, we provide them with the necessary support to boost their self-esteem and encourage them to overcome any obstacles in their path. It’s remarkable to witness the significant improvement in their skillsets over a five-year period. 

However, we also understand that their mindset can sometimes act as a barrier, stemming from past experiences that may have discouraged them from fully trusting their abilities. 

Through our comprehensive training approach, we gradually help them overcome these obstacles, allowing them to spread their wings and reach new heights of success.

Positive Impact

In what ways does DobiQueen support women in achieving their goals and realizing their potential, contributing to a positive impact on their confidence in pursuing their inner calling?

Firstly, I would like to highlight how DobiQueen handles laundry, specifically with the aim of lightening the burden for mothers. The remarkable energy that women gain from this is evident. As mothers, we often worry about hanging clothes and ponder whether it will be a sunny or rainy day. 

We have other household chores to take care of, and our minds are filled with overthinking due to our deep sense of care for our surroundings. We strive to do things right the first time, as we cannot afford to redo tasks, especially with children and other unpredictable aspects of life. 

Being a mother can be quite stressful, and unfortunately, this aspect is often overlooked or dismissed. It’s important to remember that mothers are human beings with dreams, hobbies, and personal aspirations. If they are overwhelmed with all the work and constantly drained, how can they find time for themselves? 

Our goal is to encourage mothers to rest more so that they can regain their energy and pursue activities they love. We wholeheartedly support their well-being and self-care.

Reclaiming The Lost Time

How does DobiQueen’s new ‘Express 6-Hour Delivery’ service facilitate reconnection with their loved ones, considering it is being hailed as the first of its kind in Klang Valley?

When we say that our services help reconnect with loved ones, it’s based on our observation that doing laundry consumes a significant amount of time. In this fast-paced life, people are constantly engaged in various activities, leaving little opportunity for quality conversations. 

We consider this time lost, and our aim is to enhance our services to help particularly mothers reclaim this lost time and enjoy meaningful moments with their loved ones. With our services, we can save precious hours, allowing individuals to reconnect or catch up on missed television dramas.

In simple terms, our services are designed to give working adults back their time, enabling them to reconnect and reclaim the lost moments. By doing so, we hope to strengthen bonds, improve communication with loved ones, and enhance the quality of life.

How To Be Part Of The Team?

What is your way of reaching out to these single mothers to attract them to be a part of DobiQueen?

Previously, we collaborated with a single mothers association. However, we have now expanded our outreach and started advertising our services to individuals seeking employment opportunities. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us through our official DobiQueen number or visit one of our outlets for more information.

What Can You Expect In The Future?

What are your plans for expanding DobiQueen’s laundry services? Will you focus on nationwide expansion or collaborate with universities to provide laundry services for students in dormitories?

Our plan is to expand DobiQueen to other regions, as we firmly believe that our high-quality laundry services can have a significant impact on numerous households. 

We recognise that there is still room for us to enhance the quality of our services, and therefore, our focus is on reaching more households, particularly in the peninsular, so that they can experience the convenience of connecting with their loved ones while enjoying high-quality laundry services. 

In terms of collaboration, we are currently considering partnerships with universities to explore the best arrangements for establishing laundry facilities on their campuses. These are some of the aspects we are actively exploring and evaluating as part of our expansion plans.

Last but not least, If you had to convince someone to choose DobiQueen over other laundry services using only four words, what would those words be?

Perfumed laundry without ironing.

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