Cosmic Cookware Collabs With Malaysian Food Personality, Khairul Aming, To Promote Healthier Lifestyle

Also giving away his Sambal Nyet Berapi with any purchase…
By: Aqilah Najwa Jamaluddin
October 4, 2022

Ever wondered if practicality and aesthetics could be merged into creating something life-changing? Well, the team at Cosmic Cookware has made it happen. Thoughtfully created and beautifully designed, this Malaysian homegrown brand has inspired many home cooks to switch to their non-toxic ceramic coated cookware that’s made for the modern kitchen.

When conceptualising new designs, efforts are placed into ensuring that it’s free of chemicals, aesthetically designed, and effortless to use. Not only are Cosmic products made without toxic materials like TEFLON (PTFE), PFOA, Cadmium, Lead, and other “forever chemicals”, each cookware is coated with Swiss-certified ILAG ceramic coating that’s guaranteed to be non-toxic and non-stick. Now, ready to end the cookware that is your best?

Cosmic Cookware x Khairul Aming Sambal Nyet Giveaway

To further celebrate their achievements, Cosmic Cookware has teamed up with Khairul Aming to give away his sell-out Sambal Nyet Berapi with any purchase from 1 October 2022 onwards. 

Pssst, do click here to discover the secrets to an inspiring kitchen and step-by-step instructions to making Khairul Aming’s sambal! 

Cosmo Casserole, RM 169

The Cosmo Casserole looks like an industrial stock pot but with a broader base and shorter walls, making it better suited for home cooks. It also comes with two short handles on either side for balanced and steady transferring.

Designed for low and slow cooking, it’s a star for soups, stews, and even baking! Yes, you read that right. Baking! The Cosmo Casserole is oven-safe for up to 230° C. It’s the perfect vessel for baking a crisp crust and soft loaf of sourdough bread. Aside from that, you can enjoy a roast with it, as it has enough room to fit a whole chicken or pot roast.

Cosmo Pan, RM 199

The Cosmo Pan is a one-pan wonder, a go-to for quick and easy meals, and the best for families and meal preps. The generous 28cm diameter and high vertical sides make it versatile for all kinds of dishes, from quick one-pan meals to stir-fries. The Cosmo Pan has a clear glass lid for easy monitoring and an ergonomic stainless steel handle for a sturdy hold. Beautiful from stovetop to table, its stunning design complements any kitchen interior. It adds a pop of colour to the room no matter where it’s placed.

Here for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the Cosmo Pan is the kitchen tool that will improve your kitchen experience.

Cosmo Fry, RM 139

What’s the secret to a perfect sear? The Cosmo Fry! Just 800g in weight and 24cm in size, the Cosmo Fry is practical and convenient to manoeuvre. It has an ergonomic stainless steel handle for a sturdy grip, and its high-side curved walls are intentional, so every ingredient stays in the pan. With the Cosmo Fry in your hand, be a star in your kitchen as you whip Sunday breakfasts and Friday night steaks with less oil, thanks to its non-stick surface. Plus, cleanups will be easy too.

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