Curious How Your Favourite Celebrities Spent Valentine’s Day in 2024?

Read on to find out
By: Astrid Zulhaime
February 16, 2024

One of the best things about social media is how it gives the public a glimpse inside the personal lives of our favourite celebrities. Gone are the times when the day-to-day lives of the rich and famous were only speculated about. With social media, we’re able to piece together practically everything about celebrity life right down to where they live, which is admittedly a little scary.

High potential for stalkers notwithstanding, it’s been a couple of days since Valentine’s Day and every public figure has shared a post or two about their celebrations. Interested in what multimillionaires — and a few billionaires — do on Valentine’s Day? Keep reading to find out.

How Our Favourite Celebrities Celebrated Valentine’s Day in 2024

Beyoncé and Jay-Z

It comes as no surprise that the most powerful couple in the entertainment industry celebrated Valentine’s Day this year more than once. For their first outing, Beyoncé and Jay-Z stepped out to a dinner while dressed in all-black, a departure from the typical Valentine’s Day attire. Queen B’s look screamed sexy “goth cowgirl bride” with a sheer lace dress, matching gloves, topped off with a cowgirl hat and veil. Jay-Z, dressed as the cowgirl’s groom, looked dapper in black-tie attire.

Beyoncé’s second Valentine’s look worn on the actual day fits more with the occasion. The bright red monochrome outfit consisted of a high-neck top, a miniskirt with an interesting rucked texture, and a long overcoat. The 42-year-old Texan had to complete the ensemble with another cowgirl hat to match. We also peeped the adorable Balenciaga Hourglass Heart Mini Bag!

Queen B also shared several pictures from the night of Valentine’s Day 2024 first on her website, followed by an Instagram post. She captured moments from her romantic dinner at the Claud restaurant in Manhattan, New York. It seemed that Jay-Z went all out for the special day as he wined and dined her with candles, roses, oysters, and champagne. Beyoncé’s one lucky woman, but we already knew that.

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky

Another music power couple, Rihanna and A$AP Rocky were spotted celebrating Valentine’s Day with a lavish dinner as well. These parents of two beautiful boys would never spend the special day at any regular restaurant. Only a fine dining establishment in the City of Love will do, specifically the César restaurant in Paris. Rocky also gifted Barbadian superstar Rihanna with a bouquet of red roses. Romantic outing aside, we can’t help but mention how the pair stepped out as true Fashion Killas even on Valentine’s Day. Rihanna channelled her inner mobwife with a vintage Yves Saint Laurent Fox Fur Stole and a Limited Edition Louis Vuitton Papillon Mink Mini. Every day is a fashion show for this gorgeous couple.

Hilary Duff

Our favourite childhood Disney star, Hilary Duff, reminded us all that it’s important to celebrate more than just romantic love on Valentine’s Day. She shared heartwarming pictures of her three children, Banks, Mae, and Luca on Instagram with the caption, “Happy Valentines Day…”. Duff’s two daughters, aged five and two, respectively, were adorably dressed in pink and red while holding a shiny heart-shaped balloon. Pity about the balloon’s fate, we truly hope that it didn’t spoil their special day. But seeing as Duff is expecting her fourth child soon, we imagine next year’s celebration will be even merrier, balloon or no balloon.

Hailey Bieber and Justin Bieber

The Biebers kept their Valentine’s celebration more low-key in terms of sharing it on social media. How exactly the married couple spent the day, we’ll never know. What we do know is that the pop star surprised his wife with a gorgeous bouquet of red roses, as she shared a snap of the blooms on her Instagram story. Following the picture, Hailey reposted multiple images of her and her husband of almost six years, including a shot of the couple kissing on their wedding day. We wish them both a merry “Valentine for rest of time 💌”, as the Rhode founder wrote in the captions.

Bella Hadid

We’ve seen celebrities celebrate familial love and romantic love during Valentine’s Day 2024. And then there’s Bella Hadid. Her Valentine this year appears to be her horse, Tito. If you’re confused, Hadid may be a supermodel, but she is also an accomplished equestrian since her childhood days. Unfortunately, she was forced to give up the sport following her Lyme disease diagnosis. This Valentine’s Day, Hadid seemed to reconnect with her equestrian days, decorating her horse’s mane with pink roses and red hearts. Hadid wore a pink button-down top to match her date as they spent the day riding — literally.

Mariah Carey

In another touching family celebration, pop legend Mariah Carey spent Valentine’s Day with her 13-year-old son, Moroccan, lovingly referred to as Roc. Strangely, his twin Monroe is nowhere to be found in the pictures Carey shared on Instagram. Nevertheless, mother and son celebrated the day of love with an elaborately decorated dinner. We adore their giant red heart-shaped balloons with the message “Love You”, very on brand for the Queen of Christmas. Carey captioned the post with “My funny Valentine 💕💕💕”, making us all wish that we had children to spend Valentine’s Day with as well.

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