BTS Monuments Beyond The Star Review: The Final Two Episodes Deliver Powerful Emotions & Dedication

The beautiful docuseries has reached its conclusion
By: Iffah Salleh
January 11, 2024

In the heartwarming conclusion to Disney Plus’ hit docuseries, “BTS Monuments: Beyond the Star,” the final two episodes unfolded yesterday, exclusively available on Disney+ Hotstar.

It intimately explores the decade-long odyssey of BTS, featuring the charismatic RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. These last episodes offered a profound peek into the band’s dreams, weaving together themes of happiness, individual sanctuaries, identity building, and a strategic plan for a triumphant reunion post-military service. 

J-Hope’s touching words encapsulate the spirit  “BTS will continue to exist if the members and their fans have faith in each other,” leaving audiences with a resounding sense of connection and hope.

Recap of Earlier Episodes

In the first six episodes, the series explores inside the world of BTS, covering how they got here from beginning, the challenges they faced while striving for their current status, and the lingering enigma of why they chose to continue together even after a decade of success. 

We did some recap on the first two episodes, you can read it here.

Episode 7: Reliving Concert Memories

The episode kicks off with the BTS members reminiscing about their concert experiences, ranging from 2016 to  their latest performances. Each member shares unique perspectives on the significance of live performances, with a focus on memorable venues such as the Rose Bowl Stadium in California and the Olympics Gymnastics Arena in Seoul.

Permission to Dance Concert

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Episode 7 delves into the Permission to Dance Concert in LA, marked as their anticipated last group activity before a break. The members reflect on standout moments from their decade-long career, emphasising the emotional connection with fans during live performances.

Personal Reflections and Bonds

The episode explores the personal reflections of members like Suga, who finds motivation in the fans, and Jin, who expresses the impact of separation during his camping experience. Jimin’s unease at being alone and Jungkook’s solo career debut add layers to the narrative, showcasing the depth of their bond and the necessity of individual growth.

Episode 8: Hopes, Breaks, and Individual Pursuits

Maintaining Enthusiasm for Concerts

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In Episode 8, the focus shifts to the members’ dedication to maintaining their enthusiasm for practising for concerts, expressing the desire to continue this even after their return as a group.

The episode also documents the individual lives of BTS members during their break. From J-Hope’s reflection on leading their own lives to Jin’s time with friends, and Jungkook’s emphasis on health, each member’s unique pursuits highlight their commitment to personal growth.

Aspirations and Personal Goals

As the members discuss their goals as individuals, the narrative touches on Jimin’s desire for new challenges, V’s hope for a safe return from the military, and the overall theme of building individual identities while cherishing past experiences.

The episode concludes with Jin’s haircut ahead of military enlistment, pondering the meaning of time apart. Each member embarks on their solo album journey, symbolising a new chapter for BTS.

Hopes for the Future

As the series concludes, HYBE Chairperson Bang Si-Hyuk shares his wish for BTS’s continued love for music. The members express their individual goals, highlighting the enduring bond that transcends physical presence. The transition to solo albums sets the stage for the next phase of BTS’s remarkable journey.

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At the end of the episode, the members thanked each other and the fans for their support. Suga wished they could concentrate on the moment and not worry about the future. Additionally, when they moved on to the next chapter, V concluded the show by expressing, “I’m thankful that we remained seven for the past 10 years.”

Final Thoughts

This series is a must-see for BTS ARMY members, particularly new fans ofthe group. It chronicles their entire journey, including their hardships, achievements, and deep love for their fans and members, which solidified their bond. It shows how hard work pays off and emphasises the importance of determination and belief.

These two episodes showcased the many emotions that each BTS member had for the band and themselves. It demonstrated how everyone’s ultimate goal is the same: to take the path that will lead them together while remaining true to their ideals and fans. 

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Throughout BTS Monuments Beyond The Stars episode 8, glimpses of each member’s solo albums and huge success were seen. This hinted at how their careers were tremendous successes, owing primarily to their devoted supporters and unwavering hard work. 

Whether they perform as a group or pursue individual projects, their accomplishments serve as a powerful example for budding artists. However, during their demonstration of brilliance, it is crucial that they never lose sight of their initial motivation for their journey and maintain respect for those who support them.

Where to watch 

All episodes of BTS Monuments: Beyond the Star are available to watch on Disney+ Hotstar. If you have watched the series, please share your thoughts!

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