8 Best Speakeasy And Hidden Bars In Johor Bahru Waiting For You To Discover

No more secrets.
By: Iffah Salleh
December 23, 2023

A speakeasy, as the name implies, is essentially a secret or concealed bar that was historically known for quietly dispensing alcoholic beverages during the prohibition era. While these bars are no longer illegal, the motif lives on, with concealed entrances that add to the excitement. 

Overcoming these challenges becomes a memorable and fun part of the adventure, whether you’re travelling with some company or seeking tranquillity. Johor Bahru boasts some of the nation’s very top speakeasies and hidden bars

Let’s go exploring, but remember to keep your voice low for a true speakeasy vibe – just kidding!

Best Speakeasy Bars And Hidden Bars In Johor Bahru

1. Exposed JB

Source: Instagram

Exposed JB is a hidden gem for photographers and artisanal drink lovers alike. This unique four-seater, reservation-only speakeasy in Johor Bahru combines visual artwork and mixology flawlessly.

Inspired by the compelling works of artists such as Lourdes Grobet, particularly the Family Portrait series, Exposed JB creates one-of-a-kind libations like the Infrared and Cyanotype cocktails, which imitate photography techniques and processes. 

Every drink comes with a personalised introduction that connects you to its artistic inspiration and carefully chosen components. Exposed JB takes you on a visual and gustatory trip, with each sip representing a work of art.

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AddressLocation is disclosed after a reservation is made on its Instagram, @ex.posed.jb
Operating HoursNA
Contact DetailsNA

2. MacGregor’s

Source: Instagram

For beer fans looking for a place to unwind, MacGregor’s, an Irish bar in the heart of the city, entices with delicious brews and hearty cuisine. 

Aside from the cool pints, this pub has an outstanding selection of spirits, including Irish whiskies, smoky single malts, and intriguing cocktails. Enhance your drinking experience by matching your preferred libation with exquisite tidbits such as crunchy devil’s wings nachos and tasty Irish potato cakes. 

MacGregor’s offers the ideal combination of great brews and savoury delicacies for a fantastic evening in Johor Bahru.

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AddressG-06, Zenith, 82C, Jalan Trus, Bandar Johor Bahru, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Operating HoursSun to Thu: 4:30pm – 1am,
Fri & Sat: 4:30pm – 2am.
Contact Details+607 266 3723

3. Shang Bar & Restaurant

Source: Instagram

Shang Bar & Restaurant,  hiding within Eco Palladium Mall. When you open the door, you’ll be transported into a verdant sanctuary, complete with ivy-covered tables and walls that create the tone for an exquisite encounter.

The cocktail menu, which is constantly changing but always fascinating, includes inventive gin-based pleasures such as the fruity Froggy Day, the decadent Angel’s Kiss, and the revitalising Mi Amor. 

Discover the hidden gem that is Shang Bar & Restaurant, where every sip and bite is a pleasant journey into a world of flavours and aesthetics.

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AddressBlok B, 01-19, Jalan Ekoflora 7, Taman Ekoflora, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Operating HoursMon to Thu: 4pm – 12am,
Fri: 3pm – 1am,
Sat 1pm – 1am,
Sun 1pm – 12am.
Contact Details+6016 757 0288

4.  90 Tailor Bar

Source: Instagram

Welcome yourself into the one-of-a-kind environment of 90 Tailor Bar, where the notion of a traditional vintage Chinese stylediffers from the  regular retro-themed bars that springs to mind. 

Unlike other pubs with traditional red Chinese décor, they distinguish themselves by emphasising historical aspects such as hand sewing machines, rattan furniture, and the nostalgic charm of concrete floors reminiscent of our grandparents’ generation. 

Enjoy yourself a good time with a drink while immersed in the antiqued ambiance and admiring the meticulously designed vintage surroundings. Embrace not only its throwback decor but also the intriguing surprise it contains;a hidden bar discretely stashed away in its wardrobe. Enjoy the comfort and attractiveness of this unique location at a reasonable cost.

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Address8bJalan Pendekar 10 Taman Ungku Tun Aminah 81300 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Operating HoursDaily: 6pm – 12am (Except on Sunday: 6pm – 12:30am),
Closed on Monday
Contact Details+6012 778 8501

5.  Cabinet 8 by JWC

Source: Instagram

Cabinet 8 by JWC is a hidden jewel inside The Bear and Fish, converting from a cosy location during the day to a secret bar hidden inside a wardrobe at night. The secretive atmosphere offers an exclusive and intriguing hideaway, inviting customers to trust their taste buds for unusual cocktails. 

From red chilli-infused concoctions to coffee-based treats, the experience seeks to transport visitors to a Wonderland-like reality. 

A visit to Cabinet 8 by JWC promises a sensory experience that will leave you rejuvenated and absorbed in the cosy appeal of this hidden-in-a-closet bar.

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Address102, jalan Sutera tanjung 8/3, taman Sutera Utama 81300 Skudai, Johor, Malaysia
Operating HoursDaily 6:00pm – 12:00am
Contact Details+6013 234 1018

6. Luckycat by S.S.H.H.H.

Source: Instagram

Luckycat by S.S.H.H.H. cleverly disguised as an ancient provision shop, reveals a world of ecstasy with its exquisite drinks and delectable cuisine. 

As an abbreviation for the Secret group of Hong Hua Hui, or S.S.H.H.H., this location pays homage to the fictional subterranean group, The Red Flower Society, direct from the enthralling wuxia book, “The Book and the Sword.”

Ascend to the second floor to experience the latest quirky idea, Luckycat, which offers delectable drinks and booze-infused sweets. The menu, a well-kept secret, promises a humorous surprise—come discover it for yourself!

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Address17, Jalan Ibrahim, Bandar Johor Bahru, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Operating HoursDaily: 6pm – 1am,
Closed on Monday.
Contact Details+6011 5135 9434

7. Whisky House Johor Bahru

Source: Facebook

Whisky House Johor Bahru, the first whisky ambassador’s pub in Asia Pacific, may not be so hidden after all. With an extensive selection of over 300 whisky brands, it appeals to both seasoned experts and those fresh to the whisky world. 

For those looking for alternatives, the trained mixologists create delicious cocktails with a variety of liquor bases or serve a selection of refreshing beers. 

Whether a whisky lover or a casual visitor, guests are welcomed into an environment where knowledge meets a pleasant ambiance, ensuring a memorable and instructive experience at Whisky House Johor Bahru. Cheers to exploring and discovering! 

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Address5, Jalan Molek 1/27, Taman Molek, 81100 Johor Bahru
Operating HoursDaily: 3pm -12am,
Closed on Sunday.
Contact Details+6018 293 6868

8. Haiiro Usagi

Source: Instagram

Haiiro Usagi, behind an unassuming metal door inscribed with the subtle number 75A, invites explorers to a Japanese-inspired refuge along the busy Jalan Maju, popularly known by the locals as Reporters Street. This premium, reservations-only pub boasts a pleasant glow and promises an intimate encounter.

It offers a comprehensive selection of timeless classic cocktails, which have been expertly crafted to suit a wide range of tastes. You will be tempted by the seduction of the Negroni, Whisky Sour, and Old Fashioned.  Join the fun at Haiiro Usagi, where Japanese-inspired mixology reigns supreme in a sophisticated and charming atmosphere. 

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Address75a, Jalan Maju, Taman Maju Jaya, 80400 Johor Bahru
Operating HoursDaily: 7:30pm – 1am,
Closed on Sunday.
Contact Details+6013 525 0062

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