Spine-Chilling: Stream These Spooky Shows and Movies to Summon the Halloween Spirit!

Time to get your BOO-gie on
By: Balqis Ariffin
October 27, 2023

Trick or treat? It’s the eerie-sistible season of witchful thinking. While your calendar might be packed with parties, nothing can beat a TV marathon featuring all things Halloween, enjoyed with your loved ones, just like the gh’oul times. If you need a helping hand, these best shows and movies to watch this Halloween on Disney+ Hotstar will send shivers down your spine with their thrills and chills.

The Best Shows and Movies to Watch this Halloween 2023

1. Haunted Mansion

Source: Disney+ Hotstar

Inspired by Disneyland’s favourite ride, Haunted Mansion is a humorous take on the horror genre. This remake takes viewers on unexpected adventures, following Gabbie and her son Travis as they seek the assistance of a priest, a psychic/medium, a historian, and a former astrophysicist to rid their home of ghosts. If a gory horror film isn’t your cup of tea, this comedic journey will surely provide some good laughs.

2. Goosebumps

Source: Disney+ Hotstar

You might remember the renowned Goosebumps series by R.L. Stine from the Scholastic book fair. Drawing inspiration from popular culture franchises, the new series incorporates elements from best-selling books like “Say Cheese and Die!” and “The Haunted Mask.” It revolves around a group of high schoolers who decide to investigate the terrible death of Harold Biddle from thirty years ago, unearthing sinister secrets from their parents’ past. On October 13, Disney+ Hotstar debuted the first five episodes of this ten-part series, with subsequent episodes airing once a week.

3. The Boogeyman

Source: Disney+ Hotstar

Based on Stephen King’s short story, The Boogeyman is a must-watch for horror fans. The film focuses on the Harper family, who is grieving the death of their mother and wife. A disturbed man named Lester Billings convinces Will Harper, a therapist, that an entity has taken the lives of his three children. The Harper family is forced to deal with the shadow-lurking beast known as The Boogeyman after Will has an encounter with Lester. Strange things begin to transpire after that.

4. A Haunting In Venice

Michelle Yeoh as Mrs. Reynolds in 20th Century Studios’ A HAUNTING IN VENICE. Photo courtesy of 20th Century Studios. © 2023 20th Century Studios. All Rights Reserved.

A Haunting In Venice, inspired by Agatha Christie’s “Hallowe’en Party,” is a movie centred on the famous detective Hercule Poirot, who is retired and lives in one of the most exquisite cities as an exile of his own choosing. His life takes an unexpected twist when he agrees to take part in a séance. Unfortunately, he realises that he is sucked into a secretive and shadowy world as a murder takes place among the guests. Starring in the movie are well-known figures like Jamie Dornan, Michelle Yeoh, and Tina Fey.

5. What We Do In The Shadows

Source: Disney+ Hotstar

What We Do In The Shadows is a ‘mockumentary’ style comedy-horror sitcom about three vampires living in the modern world, clashing with other supernatural creatures. With its humorous storyline, it takes viewers on a side-splitting journey beyond the usual vampire lore. This 21-time Emmy-nominated series is available for streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

6. Revenant

Source: Disney+ Hotstar

If you’re a K-drama fan looking to spend the Halloween season with a horrifying series, The Revenant, starring Kim Tae-ri, is the one for you. It centres on Gu Yan-Seong, who is possessed by an evil force. In order to find out the truth behind the bizarre deaths occurring all around her, she teams up with a professor who possesses supernatural abilities. The series includes 12 episodes.

7. Hotel Del Luna

Source: Disney+ Hotstar

Another K-drama to add to your wishlist is Hotel Del Luna, featuring a distinctive backdrop as a supernatural hotel for spirits with unfinished business. The story emphasises Jang Man-Wol, who acquires ownership of the hotel after her soul is bonded to it due to a terrible sin she committed a thousand years earlier. Koo Chan-Sung, the hotel’s new general manager, learns the secrets about the hotel and its owner.

8. Coco

Source: Disney+ Hotstar

Coco, an Oscar-winning animated film, features a heartwarming storyline that is perfect for the whole family. Drawing inspiration from the Mexican holiday, the Day of the Dead, the movie takes Miguel on a journey that reveals the truth about the past, both alive and dead, of his family. While you might shed a few tears, it will keep your Halloween spirit high.

9. Hocus Pocus

Source: Disney+ Hotstar

Our list of the best shows and movies to watch this Halloween on Disney+ Hotstar would be incomplete without Hocus Pocus. This cult-classic movie follows three evil witches who were put to death in the seventeenth century. After they are mistakenly brought back to life three decades later, chaos unfolds. Make sure to follow up with Hocus Pocus 2, which was released 29 years after the first film. With the Sanderson sisters back alive, things go awry again. Both films are available for streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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