ZCOVA Unveils Its Crown Jewel in Klang Valley: A Dazzling Tale of Diamonds, Digital Domination, and Debonair Design

Prepare your wallets and steel your hearts.
By: Farah Khan
May 23, 2024

ZCOVA, the digital diamond dynamo that’s been turning the e-commerce world into its own personal treasure chest, has just planted its glittering flag in the physical realm. That’s right, ZCOVA has officially opened its first retail sanctuary at IOI City Mall, Putrajaya, ushering in a new era of opulence and convenience.

For nearly a decade, ZCOVA has been the online secret whispered amongst those in the know. But now, they’re stepping out from behind the screen and into the spotlight, bringing with them a veritable treasure trove of GIA and Sarine-certified diamonds and gemstones. It’s the kind of stuff that dreams—and envy-fueled Instagram posts—are made of.

A Journey From Pixels to Pavements

ZCOVA’s odyssey began as a humble e-commerce venture, driven by the meticulous minds of co-founders Low Ziwei and Low Ziyin. Inspired by their father’s creed of integrity and customer-centricity, they’ve seamlessly melded financial precision with artistic flair. “Our expansion from an online e-commerce venture to the establishment of our physical retail store marks a significant milestone in our business expansion,” says Low Ziwei, Co-Founder and Managing Director. It’s a milestone indeed—think Neil Armstrong, but with more diamonds and fewer moon rocks.

Ziwei’s counterpart, Low Ziyin, the Creative Director, adds a touch of sentimentality: “Our motto, ‘Celebrate Life, Your Way’, underscores our commitment to providing customers with the freedom to customise designs that authentically reflect their beauty and individuality.” It’s a mission statement that’s about as irresistible as a two-carat solitaire.

Isla Collection: A Symphony in Gold and Gems

To christen their newfound physical presence, ZCOVA is rolling out the red carpet for their latest masterpiece: the Isla Collection. These limited-edition pieces are crafted from premium 18k gold and adorned with the ethereal beauty of Mother of Pearl and the regal mystique of Lapis Lazuli.

Imagine this: 18k rose gold with Mother of Pearl inlay, a tranquil fusion that captures the serene essence of nature, radiating calm like a spa day for your soul. Or perhaps, 18k yellow gold with Lapis Lazuli inlay, an homage to royalty and truth, embodying the deep, rich hues of the night sky. These are not mere accessories; they are statements of elegance and allure, priced at RM 4,990 and RM 5,690 respectively. And with only 20 pieces available—10 of each variant—they’re rarer than a unicorn sighting at a Silicon Valley board meeting.

Your Golden Ticket to Glamour

Ready to embark on this glittering journey? ZCOVA’s inaugural retail store awaits at G-216, Ground Floor, IOI City Mall Putrajaya. It’s a pilgrimage every jewelry lover must make, a sacred space where the digital realm meets the tactile world, where you can not only see but feel the magnificence of ZCOVA’s offerings.

Pre-orders for the Isla Collection began on May 21, 2024. So, whether you’re in the market for a show-stopping engagement ring or a piece that elevates your daily ensemble, ZCOVA is your new best friend. Visit their store, revel in the splendour, and maybe—just maybe—walk out with a little piece of heaven around your neck.

For more information, and to dive into the dazzling world of ZCOVA, check out their website: ZCOVA.

Life is too short for dull jewellery. Shine bright, shop smart, and let ZCOVA light up your world.