Unleash Your Bathroom’s Inner Diva with C·Bath by Cosentino

Step up your bathroom interior design game!
By: Farah Khan
May 11, 2023

Move over, kitchen! The bathroom is stepping into the spotlight as the ultimate space for relaxation and personal expression. Cosentino, the maestro of all things surface-related, is shaking up the bathroom scene with their game-changing concept: C·Bath. Prepare to be wowed as they redefine bathroom design with their comprehensive approach that encompasses everything from cladding to countertops, shower trays to washbasins, and even furniture. It’s time to give your bathroom the star treatment it deserves.

The Bathelier

The crown jewel of C·Bath is The Bathelier, an exclusive range that brings together renowned designers from across the globe to create unique and awe-inspiring bathroom environments. Brace yourself for a harmonious fusion of art, functionality, and jaw-dropping design. Prepare to be captivated by the seamless integration of iconic pieces with Cosentino’s surface applications, resulting in a symphony of shapes, textures, and geometries that will leave you breathless.

Claudia Afshar

But that’s not all! Cosentino also brings their own visionary touch to the table with C·Bath Studio. This range showcases their own space designs that incorporate their popular surfaces and standard products. Get ready to explore a world of stunning wall and floor claddings in a variety of formats, colors, and textures. And let’s not forget the meticulously crafted washbasins and shower trays that will have you swooning over every detail.

Whether you’re a fan of the beauty and properties of Silestone®, the high performance and versatility of Dekton®, or the innovation of their Slim or Grip+ options, C·Bath Studio has you covered. With ready-to-use elements like the Evita, Marie, and Elegance washbasin models, as well as shower trays like the Wakka by Silestone® or Gocce by Dekton®, your dream bathroom is just a heartbeat away.

It’s time to let your bathroom shine with C·Bath by Cosentino. Say goodbye to dull and hello to extraordinary. Get ready to embrace a new era of bathroom design that combines innovation, sustainability, and undeniable style. So, go ahead, pamper yourself and transform your bathroom into the sanctuary you deserve. The spotlight is on you, and C·Bath is your ticket to a bathroom that’s fit for a star.