Get #RayaReady With These Trendy Baju Raya Brands!

Raya 2022 has arrived, bringing with it a sense of…
By: Nina Shahriman
April 26, 2022

Raya 2022 has arrived, bringing with it a sense of nostalgia for the days before the plague. Making memories with loved ones, balik kampung, ketupat and lemang, and, of course, sporting our baju raya! This time around, it appears that we are using Hari Raya Aidilfitri as an excuse to make the world our runway as we show off our flamboyant apparel, bold makeup, and brilliant accessories. With that in mind, Glitz is here to teach you about the finest brands to purchase for your baju raya so you can look stunning on social media #RayaReady!

The month of Ramadan is filled with not just dedication but also a surge of excitement for the day ahead, from decorating our houses to preparing the most delectable dishes. Don’t forget to acquire your family’s baju raya, which is one of the most important components of Raya preparation! Getting ready and dressed is an important aspect of Hari Raya, and many of us spend Ramadan looking for the best outfits for the occasion. So, get Glitz ready for Raya and keep reading!

1. Caftanist

Caftanist offers a flowing and luxurious collection of baju kurung patterns that are plus-size friendly and ideal for expecting mothers who value comfort during celebrations. The kaftan and fashionable pant suit variations of the brand are perfect for indulging in delicious Raya meals without worrying about looking big in family photos.

2. Fashion Valet

The House of Modern Fashion, commonly known as Fashion Valet, sells a range of kaftans, kebayas, and baju kurungs. There are now over 50 local brands and designers available for purchase on FashionValet, with more to come. Each of these labels has its own particular style, with prices, trends, and colours that differ. The aesthetics of Raya 2022 will be superior to those of previous years, with both comfy and simple kaftans like the LILIT Easy Caftan and fine features like the dUCK Printed Sets.

3. PopLook

During well-known brand offers all of the most fashionable Baju Kurung outfits that will make you stand out this Raya! This Raya, you may choose from a broad range of designs, from Baju Kurung Pinang to lace fits like the Maia Sarong. Even better, most Raya designs are available as a mother-daughter set that includes a child-sized version of the same outfit. You’ll save time because you won’t have to buy a separate outfit for your little princess.


POKOKS specialises in children’s clothing, but they also have family sets available on their website for those who wish to match their outfits with their loved ones! provides a gorgeous collection of baju kurungs inspired by culture and environment for you and your little ones.

Your children will look stunning and feel at ease in elegant and soft clothing during Hari Raya. Men, women, children, and even infants are catered to. Browse their stunning collections Evergreen, The Narik, and more for their wonderfully designed baju kurung!

5. Anaabu

Anaabu is a ready-to-wear local firm formed by a husband-and-wife duo that is known for its simple and comfortable designs. The Sandar Dolmain Top is part of their Raya 2022 line, which includes Baju Kurung sets, Baju Melayu sets, and individual items that may be mixed and matched and worn long after Raya. Anaabu also sells goods for toddlers and kids if you want to match attire with your family this Raya: Mula Kurung Rompers, Kurung Sets and Umbi Kurta are some of the types offered for children.

Additionally, they will have a Raya pop-up booth at Publika Shopping Gallery throughout April if you want to touch and feel the garment materials before purchasing them.

6. Kurung Tokma

If you’re a hijabis looking for a more traditional look, Kurung Tokma has you covered. Their simple yet contemporary designs include Plain Kurung Kedah, a modern take on the classic baju kurung Kedah, and Loose Kebaya, a collection of elegantly loose and flowing kebaya in soft, pastel colours like sage green and dusty blue. Clothing in classic styles will never go out of style, and matching your jewellery, bags, and shoes to your look will be simple.

7. Zalora

This purchasing platform should go without saying, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t include it! Zalora, an online fashion and lifestyle portal, has a great collection of Baju Kurung that you’ll love. You’ll find everything you need for Raya here, including top international and local brands for men and women’s clothing, shoes, accessories, and cosmetics. Zalora aspires to reignite the spirit of Raya memories with this year’s #ZALORAYA2022.

8. Mis Claire

During Ramadan, Mis Claire is leading the effort to make companies more inclusive! Since 2012, Mis Claire has been dressing plus-size women in basic, stylish essentials while adhering to a modesty and simplicity philosophy. Clean cuts and colours in a range of sizes from XL to 7XL will fit any lifestyle, event, or fashion preference. Rather than just enlarging plus-size body types, the fashion company enjoys creating designs with the right cuts and shapes.

The classic and timeless Rico Rinaldi for Mis Claire Line is a centrepiece of their #MCRaya2022 collection. On this project, Rico Rinaldi, a skilled local designer, multiple award-winning designer and well-known social media personalities, contributed. The collection is basic but expressive, conventional yet robust, and is based on timeless design concepts.

9. CLO

Do you desire a fusion take on your baju raya this year? How about taking inspiration from the tradition attire of Kimonos from the land of the rising sun? Well, look no further than CLO! This uprising name is making serious waves with their printed pareo wrap set that comes in four designs made with Valentino silk under their “CLO Timeless Bloom Collection 2022”. What’s great is that they believe in repurposing, versatility and sustainability within fashion, hence, their outfits can be used in formal setting such as raya and even casual like date night!