Top Night Activities In KL To Enjoy The City Like A Local

KL at night is way more fun
By: Cherelle Lim
October 21, 2022

The night is still young and so are we! If you need ideas on what to do in KL at night, Glitz has a few ideas! Below we’ve gathered all the nighttime activities you can do in KL that won’t make you look like a tourist. Explore KL at night like a local and check out all the hidden bars and photo areas for unique cocktails and the perfect OOTDs. The more is always merrier so call all the night owls you know and get them to join you on a late-night adventure in KL. 

Night Activities To Do In KL

Visit A Hidden Speakeasy

The best thing to do on a night out in KL? Visit a hidden speakeasy bar! The First Chapter Speakeasy is the perfect place for both partying and idle chit-chat after work. Taking inspiration from the industrialism and prohibition era, its interior is decorated with polished concrete countertops. Thus, it emits a chic but industrial ambience. If you just want a chill drinking session after dinner, check out The First Chapter Speakeasy between 5pm to 9pm. After that, the party scene is on for those that want to dance the night away. 

Choose from some of their most popular drinks like Ben’s Margarita, TFC’s signature cocktail Sacred or Signature Rose Gin. And if you are looking for a Halloween party to attend, mark your calendars for The First Chapter’s Witch & Famous Halloween Party on the 29th of October!


RexKL is the new hotspot that youngsters love to visit. Whether it’s during the day or the night, RexKL has turned into an exciting entertainment hub in the heart of Chinatown. Back in the 70s, RexKL was actually a screening theatre called Rex Cinema. Today, it is a cultural hub that draws visitors thanks to its vintage aesthetics, good food and lineups of refreshing activities! Whether it is parties, art exhibitions, live performances or skate park events, RexKL is the spot to be at night. Furthermore, book lovers will love browsing through BookXcess and taking gorgeous OOTDs. 

The Gasket Alley

For a more low-key hangout spot at night, head on over to The Gasket Alley. It is located in Petaling Jaya and features a variety of quality vendors. Furthermore, you should also get some shots of the majestically displayed Harley-Davidson bikes! Snag up cool merchandise from the many apparel stores or get your fill of matcha at local matcha connoisseur, Hejau! So if you are looking for a chill and cool place to hangout after dark, this is the place to be. 

Tiffin At The Yard

Heading out a bit further, Tiffin At The Yard is a cool place to visit at night. Initially, this space was supposed to be a pop-up. But, we locals just love it too much for it to go away. So, it is now here to stay! Tiffin At The Yard is packed with diverse culinary options for you to enjoy. A really fun place to hang, Sentul Depot features rustic interiors and an openness that adds to Tiffin At The Yard’s uniqueness. So, gather your crew and try out the late-night snacks they have to offer. This is one of those night activities that will make excellent memories. 

The Swimming Club

It’s time for a pool party! Swimming in the dark has never been more fun at The Swimming Club downtown! Decorated poshly and with a minimalistic pink theme, this is one of the most Instagrammable rooftop pools in KL. What’s a pool party without cocktails and mocktails right? Their poolside bar starts serving in the afternoon, till late at night. So, head on down to the Journal Hotel and chill by the pool with all your pals. 

Play At Hauntu

Something you should definitely do on a night out in KL? Play an immersive haunted house of course! Give you and your friends a fright tonight when you challenge yourselves to play at Hauntu. Experience live theatre performances, get to roleplay and immerse yourself in interconnected storylines and go through intricate mazes. Get your adrenaline pumping with a thrilling night out at Hauntu and find out who among your group is the bravest of them all! 

Go Mamak

The most common night activity every local does in Malaysia is go Mamak! When you are craving for food in the middle of the night, the first thing anyone suggests is always Mamak. A classic hangout spot for all ages, you can find students and working adults chilling at night. Since most mamaks open till late in the night or for 24 hours, it is the go-to destination to chit-chat and catch up with old friends. Not only will you get delicious meals that satiate your late-night cravings, it’s also the perfect place to spill the tea! So if you want to hangout with your friends tonight and don’t know where to go, just head to your nearest mamak!

Stroll Through Petaling Street

If you happen to be having dinner at Chinatown and want to explore a bit before heading home, Petaling Street is the perfect place. The street is usually busy during the day and night. Get a glimpse of history, heritage and culture all in one place, while snacking on scrumptious snacks or shopping. Stroll through Petaling Street and you’ll find that it is a bargain hunters’ paradise. Furthermore, it is also not too far off from Kwai Chai Hong, which is an interactive street with several art pieces or murals. So, be sure to grab a picture on the iconic red bridge! The vicinity of Petaling Street and Kwai Chai Hong is also packed with cafes and hidden bars. 

Sip & Paint

night activities

A fun night activity you should try in KL is Sip & Paint. If you are feeling artsy, grab your partner in crime and head on over to Sip & Paint. Pick up a paintbrush and get creative through a sip and paint session! This is definitely a fun experience to try as you discover your inner Picasso while sipping on some wine, or juice. Furthermore, it is quite a therapeutic activity to just sit, drink and paint! Sip & Paint also offers different experiences including a glow-in-the-dark session that is truly remarkable. 

Have Fun At The FunFair

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What better way to spend your night than at a fun fair in KL! One of the most popular fun fairs today is the Euro Fun Park located in Bukit Jalil. It is also Malaysia’s largest travelling funfair and is all the rage on TikTok. Tickets for entry are priced at RM6 for adults and RM4 for kids. Kids under 2 years old can enter for free and each ride also requires a specific amount of tokens which costs RM2 each. It is open from 6pm onwards, which makes it a fun date activity for couples at night too. The fun fair also features awesome rides such as space flyer, roller coasters, bumper cars, pirate ship and even a ferris wheel to end the night romantically.