This Resort-Style Bungalow Studio Is The Hot-Spot For Your Precious Wedding Photos

Ed once said, "We keep this love in a photograph."
By: Iffah Salleh
November 9, 2022

Glamorous weddings are back in style! Precious Wedding is a bridal studio to make its way to Studio 10, a unique resort-style bungalow studio in Malaysia.

It’s high time for eager young couples to look for enchanting photo locations and services to capture unforgettable memories with stunning backdrops and dazzling attires.

“When we dreamt up Studio 10, we knew we wanted to build the perfect canvas for couples to capture these beautiful moments. A canvas that is vast, adaptable, and ever-changing, and able to cater to the needs of a wide variety of couples and their preferences,” said East Chin Zee Lian, Director of Precious Wedding.

Precious Wedding’s Photography

This three-tiered 20,000-square-foot bungalow property in Petaling Jaya’s heart was first opened as a wedding studio in 2018. The private area provides a diverse canvas inspired by an eclectic mix of styles and tones to serve as the backdrop for a wide and varied array of pre-wedding photo preferences.

Simultaneously, this expansive bungalow serves as a studio, complete with a heavenly sakura tree and interchangeable backdrops that can be used to create a wide range of 70 mock-up scenes and themes. Allowing couples to select from a wide range of aesthetic options, including a movie-like floating lantern scene.

Yuna, an internationally recognised singer-songwriter, had her enthralling mossy-forest wedding, and brides have been lusting after the same enthralling theme for their own. Studio 10 has just the right surroundings for couples to achieve a similar whimsical and magical feel to their wedding photos without having to travel all the way to Bentong, Pahang.

All Rounder Services

Candid photo of couple with the backyard forest scape as a backdrop

With the goal of capturing these precious moments in a couple’s life, this bridal studio provides end-to-end photography services inclusive of concept-planning, props setting, consultation, make-up, and touch-up services all the way through to the end product of printed wedding albums for both pre-wedding and actual ceremony photos.

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Precious Wedding’s Photography

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