Glitz Spotlight: Tasha Of Solyluna Talks Body Inclusivity And The Future

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By: agnes
February 7, 2022

With a large number of online fashion stores popping up, it’s no easy feat to find one that sells high-quality pieces. Well, if you struggle with that as much as we do, then Solyluna may just be your new go-to spot. Solyluna is an online fashion store that sells unique and luxurious pieces that every girl needs in her wardrobe. Quality is of the utmost importance at Solyluna, as every piece goes through a month-long process. In this week’s Glitz Spotlight, we speak to founder Tasha on everything Solyluna; from the inspiration behind its name to how every Solyluna piece fits every body type!

1. Hi Tasha, can you introduce yourself to our readers and share with them what Solyluna is?

Hello! I’m Tasha, one of the founders of Solyluna. I started Solyluna with my friend Ash back in 2020. Solyluna is a fashion and accessories brand focused on elegant, classy and timeless pieces. Something that you can keep in your closet for a long time and wear over and over again.

2. What does the name “Solyluna” mean and what inspired the name?

The name Solyluna was thought up by Tasha. While we were discussing names we thought about what would be the best way to describe the both of us. Sol Y Luna translates to Sun and Moon in Spanish. The two celestial bodies also describe our personalities very well – Tasha is always so chatty and Ash is more reserved! Although we have totally opposite personalities we get on so well and have been very close. It took a while to decide whether we would like it separated (Sol Y Luna) or together (Solyluna). We decided to combine the names into one word so it is easier to pronounce.

3. How do Solyluna mission and vision impact consumers?

Solyluna vision is all about the celebration of feminine style, sophistication and confidence. We want women from around the globe to feel unstoppable in solyluna clothing and look at the mirror and say “I feel sexy, confident, and I feel proud to be me.” Making women feel this way has always been incredibly important to us. Our vision is that we want to create luxurious pieces that will stand the test of time.

4. Where does the inspiration for your pieces come from?

Our inspiration comes from confident women for sure, especially from the 90s supermodel’s (Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer… ) fashion style. We love the satin slip dress trend back in the 90s, we think it is the perfect day to evening look in any season and occasion. Solyluna is definitely for women who know what they want, who aren’t afraid to try different styles. You can definitely spot solyluna women from miles away whether it be ever-alluring separates, the brand’s signature slip dress or party dress.

5. How long does it usually take to complete a single piece, and how is the process from start to finish?

I would say a minimum of 1 month which starts from collecting pictures and making mood boards. We begin the process with detailed sketches and considered fabric selection. We are very particular with our choice of fabric to ensure each individual garment is created to the best of our ability. The vision starts to take shape when we work on samples with draping and toiles before making the final design. The end result is a meticulously constructed piece, which we mostly focus on designing a timeless piece that will make women look good in it. From there we will start to take photos and videos for social media. Once we are happy with everything is when we will release it on our website. It is always nerve-wracking when we release it because we really don’t know how people will react to it!

6. What is your opinion on the environmental effects that come from fashion, particularly fast fashion? Does Solyluna face a similar challenge? If yes, what are the steps you’re taking to reduce environmental pollution?

The rise of fast fashion in the past few years has definitely caused more harm than good to the environment. Fast fashion creates this cycle of – fast production, fast deliveries, fast decision making and the items are worn a few times before it is discarded when it is no longer in trend. The amount of plastic content in the garments are also high which results in their low prices – making people buy more.

Our part in reducing the environmental impact is we do not manufacture large quantities to reduce waste and only use more sustainable materials which have resulted in our garments not being as cheap as these fast fashion brands.

7. How about your thoughts on body inclusivity? How do you think it has changed the way people look at fashion recently?

We love how much awareness this has gotten the past few years!! Our pieces are created to suit all sizes and to make everyone feel like a million bucks! We want every woman to feel confident and sexy in our pieces. Because of a small budget, we are unable to produce more size ranges but it’s definitely in our plans for the future. It’s amazing to see local brands having more ranges in their clothing and seeing girls posting their OOTDs. Fashion is for everyone and it shouldn’t be just to suit a certain body type or size. From social media awareness, it is good to see people embracing and becoming more confident with themselves

8. What is the thing you wish people knew more about running a fashion business?

It is a very competitive market as we have such amazing local brands out there right now. We wish people knew how crazy it is behind the scenes! There are so many aspects of the business that are not glamorous as is shown on our social media. There are some good days and some bad days, but we try our best to stay motivated and on track. It is very rewarding when customers tag us or share with us their feedback good or bad because it shows how much they pay attention to details and it helps us to do better for our future collections.

9. Are you planning to release any new collection this 2022? Can you give us a little insight?

We just launched our February limited edition dress, Valentina!  We are planning to release a few more limited edition pieces throughout the year. So please look forward to it.

10. What is the plan for Solyluna in the next 5 years?

Hopefully, we will be able to open a pop-up store or concept store so people can come and visit! We would also love to collaborate with more local brands in the upcoming years. Ash and I love to dream of endless possibilities for Solyluna like the saying goes ‘Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.’

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