Thinking Of Going To Sunway Lagoon? These Are The Top Rides You Need To Try Out

The best rides in Sunway Lagoon
By: Nina Shahriman
November 25, 2021

As Malaysians, everyone knows about the city’s paradise theme park, the iconic Sunway Lagoon. At some point in our lives, we’ve desired to go and experience the exhilaration for ourselves. However, when you’re going to this massive playground, having a game plan on which rides to aim for is vital. With that, follow along as Beauty Insider gives you a dip into the pool on the best rides in Sunway Lagoon!

About Sunway Lagoon

Sunway Lagoon is a massive theme park with over 90 attractions spread across 88 acres of land. It is organised into 6 adventure zones and offers a huge place to explore! It’s nearly difficult to see everything here in a single day, from twisting water slides to the world’s largest surf pool and even Asia’s first Nickelodeon-themed attraction.

Sunway Lagoon has long been a favourite family trip destination. Whether you’re taking your toddler or teenager, the theme park includes rides and activities ideal for kids of all ages. There are six adventure zones in the park, two of which are water parks and four of which are dry parks, each with its own set of entertaining attractions. Amusement Park, Scream Park, Water Park, Nickelodeon, Lost Lagoon, Wildlife Park, and Extreme Park are the six adventure zones.

Even if you just have one day, you can still visit all six Sunway Lagoon parks! We recommend starting with the dry parks and then moving on to the water parks for the rest of the day.

What You Should Know When Going To Sunway Lagoon

Get here early

Sunway Lagoon is open every day except Tuesdays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Except on public holidays or school vacations, the park is closed on Tuesdays. Arrive at the park as early as possible to avoid the heat and congestion. As soon as you reach the park, go right to the famous rides to avoid the crowds!

Trust us, get a locker

Bags and personal possessions are not permitted on the majority of the park’s rides and attractions. If you don’t have someone to guard your belongings, you can keep them in the locker. Thankfully, there are lockers located around the park where you may store any items you don’t need to bring with you.

For your convenience, they provide one-time use lockers and multiple-time use lockers. A regular size locker can hold two medium-sized bags and two pairs of shoes, but a luggage-size locker can hold a large suitcase or several backpacks and shoes.

Invest in Quack Express pass

Nothing is more unpleasant than standing in line in the heat with youngsters who are prone to become irritable and grumpy when in line. With a Quack Express Pass, you’ll be able to skip the line at some of the park’s most popular attractions! With this magical pass, your kids will be able to enjoy their favourite rides over and over again without having to wait in line.

Best Rides To Go On At Sunway Lagoon

1. Vuvuzela

Vuvuzela - Sunway Lagoon, Malaysia

The Vuvuzela is the most famous feature in Sunway Lagoon. It’s a massive water slide that resembles the horn after which it was called. Vuvuzela propels you and your companions’ side to side on your float at breakneck speeds until you make it through the funnel and into the water.

2. Monsoon 360

Hang on tight for a vertical free fall - Amazing Sunway City Kuala Lumpur,  Malaysia's Premier Holiday Destination

We recommend avoiding this ride if you are claustrophobic. Monsoon 360 is a trap door water slide with two types: one that lowers you straight down and the other that propels you in a 360-degree circle. Choose your favourite and revel in the surge of excitement. Also, a tip- don’t eat prior to this ride; thank us later.

3. Cameroon Climb

Cameroon Climb - Sunway Lagoon, Malaysia

The Cameroon Climb- billed as the world’s first double tube slide, will propel your float to a 15-meter plunge. If that isn’t exhilarating enough, consider this: it will also draw you back up to 8 metres in an instant.

4. Kubarango

Kubarango - Sunway Lagoon, Malaysia

Kubarango, which is located in Nickelodeon’s Lost Lagoon, will send your float into a free-fall backwards. It’s simple and enjoyable. When you’re through, you’ll definitely give it another shot. This underappreciated ride is sometimes ignored, but it is a great way to spend time with friends and family.

5. Bungee Jump

Extreme Park - Sunway Lagoon Theme Park

Sunway Lagoon’s Bungee Jump, Malaysia’s first of its kind, requires you to take a leap of faith from a 21m high platform atop Malaysia’s largest pedestrian suspension bridge. Dive headlong into the pool, but make sure to warn the attendants if you don’t want to get wet.

6. Lost City of Gold Scream Coaster

A spine-chilling ride! - Amazing Sunway City Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia's  Premier Holiday Destination

Is it really a theme park experience if you didn’t go on a roller coaster that will have your heart leaping out? On this roller coaster, be prepared to scream for your life. The Lost City of Gold Scream Coaster will not disappoint theme park daredevils with its severe bends and dips, as well as a pitch-black tunnel.

7. Tomahawk

Topsy-turvy and round and round! - Amazing Sunway City Kuala Lumpur,  Malaysia's Premier Holiday Destination

An exciting and exhilarating Viking voyage is something that everyone enjoys. Just wait till you have a chance to ride Tomahawk. This pendulum ride may appear to be modest in scale, but it packs a punch with two 360-degree loops.

8. FlowRider

Sunway Lagoon - FlowRider® Official | The Ultimate Surf Machine | San  Diego, CA

Without having to go to the beach, catch the waves like a pro surfer! The FlowRider at Sunway Lagoon is Malaysia’s first surf simulator, offering a range of waves to excite all want wannabe cowabunga surfers. This attraction is suitable for novices, in case you were wondering. Don’t worry if you’ve never tried surfing before!

9. G-Force X

Extreme Park - Sunway Lagoon Theme Park

G-Force X is an extraordinary slingshot experience that will fling you into the sky in two seconds at a speed of up to 120km per hour. It is not for the faint of heart. Furthermore, the vessel you’re on reacts to the stress by swinging and bouncing violently.