These Stylish Pouches For Men Are Timeless For Every Season

An essential modern day item
By: Balqis Ariffin
March 15, 2022

The thought of hearing the phrase, men’s pouch, clutch bag, man purse and other controversial terminology may make a few eyebrows raised back in the day. But with the proliferation of fashion trends by popular luxury brands, there’s no such thing as gender boundaries. In fact, a myriad of male celebrities and influencers have been continuously donning fashionable clothes and items that pretty much scream gender fluidity. With that being said, pouches for men are not exactly a new accessory for looking dandy, they are an essential modern day item that every gentleman should own. Similar to watches or even shoes, men need several types of these accessories for different occasions. Ahead, Glitz has narrowed down stylish pouches for men that are absolutely timeless pieces. 

What is a Pouch? 

Photo by Guerric de Ternay on Unsplash

The design and functionality of a pouch are actually inspired by both a wallet and clutch. Apart from its compartments which can be utilised to store essential items, pouch bags do not comprise the style that is often associated with them. What’s more, men’s pouches are known for their versatility which suits different occasions, whether it’s casual, date time, parties or business meetings. If you’re looking for the best bag for men, you can never go wrong with a pouch. 

How to Select the Best Bags or Pouches for Men?


As much as you want to compromise your personal items for the sake of style and aesthetics, the size of the bag can make or break your overall look. Honestly, all of us have committed a fashion crime by over-stuffing the bag with tons of supplies that could last for years. Trust us, it is certainly not a good sight to behold in terms of fashion style. So, the ultimate tip to ensure that you select the right bag is to know its primary purpose. If you’re looking for a bag that is ideal for formal meetings and storing documents, a briefcase is a perfect option. On the contrary, for those who prefer a versatile bag that works wonders for the gym or even one night trip, a quality weekend bag is an item that is worth an investment. 


The perk of living in a current setting is that bold colours are always trending. Besides, it is another way to captivate other people’s attention. If you’re a true fashion lover at heart with the sole aim to have a collection of bags at home, you certainly can opt to splurge on a mixture of dark and bright colours. Conversely, some people only prefer to own one bag that can literally do-it-all. If you are categorised into this group, it is advisable to stay away from bold and bright colours. Instead, you should invest in a timeless bag that features dark and neutral shades like black, brown, grey, burgundy or green. These hues are super versatile as they suit all wardrobes and occasions easily. 


Similar to colour, the type of fabric that the bag was constructed from influences its functionality and aesthetics. The common materials that are often used to create bags are leather, canvas and nylon which suit different styles and occasions. A leather bag exudes a sophisticated and luxurious feel that is unlike any other bag. Although it comes with a hefty price tag, such material has high durability that is ideal for a formal setting. On the other hand, those who like to own a bag that is ideal for daily look, make sure to invest in a canvas or nylon bag. Canvas is categorised into two types, fabric canvas and coated canvas, in which the latter is often used by high-end brands due to its top-notch quality. Whereas nylon material is often preferred by men due to its durability, smooth texture and practicality. 


Although details on the bags are often neglected, they actually signify the level of craftsmanship. Before you purchase any pouches for men, you need to ensure that the buckles, stitches and zip are in good condition. Additionally, its internal compartments and other features including water-resistant properties, breathable back panel and detachable straps are must-have features that most people usually overlook.

Our Pick on Stylish Pouches for Men 

1.Balenciaga Men’s Cash Gusset Pouch With Handle In Black/White

If you’re looking for the most stylish pouches for men, the Balenciaga Men’s Cash Gusset Pouch With Handle In Black/White is a perfect choice for you. It is created from a high quality black grained calfskin with a printed logo of the brand. The minimalist yet sophisticated design includes one zipper closure and wrist handle for comfort. 

Price: RM2,750.00

Where to buy: Balenciaga official store 

2. Gucci Tiger Print GG Pouch

The Gucci Tiger print GG Pouch is a reimagining of the archival design made in the 1960s by Vittorio Accornero. As an artist who created the brand’s signature floral print, the motifs seen in the bag perfectly illustrate Gucci’s fascination with the wild beauty of nature. The bag has one zip closure with internal compartments of the bag that includes six card slots. It also comes with a removable strap and leather tag with interlocking G. 

Price: N/A

Where to buy: Gucci official store 

3. Tom Ford Leather-Trimmed Recycled Shell Pouch

Created from recycled shell and leather, Tom Ford Leather-Trimmed Recycled Shell Pouch is ideal for those who prefer a classical pouch for men. It features a black lather with the brand’s logo embossed right on the centre. Inside, you can find eight internal card slots which allow you to store your daily essentials. The pouch has a black wrist strap with contrasting golden zip closure. 

Price: RM3,260.00

Where to buy: Mr Porter online store 

4. Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche Zippered Pouch In Linen Canvas 

Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche Zippered Pouch In Linen Canvas is perfect for those who want to steer away from the leather material and dark shades. It is made from 100% linen, making it ideal for an everyday look. The pouch bag comes with a main internal compartment with one flat pocket. Apart from its grey shade with black lining, the logo functions as a centrepiece to attract attention. 

Price: RM2,430.00

Where to buy: Yves Saint Laurent official store 

5. Bottega Veneta Large Intrecciato Leather Zip-Around Pouch

The Large Intrecciato Leather Zip-Around Pouch by Bottega Veneta is not for the faint of heart. Designed with the signature intrecciato weave, the cow leather features a neon green hue that will make you stand out from the crowd. It comes with a two way zip that opens completely for easy usage. With its stunning design, it is by far the most stylish pouches for men we ever laid our eyes on.

Price: RM7,096.00

Where to buy: Mr Porter official store 

6. Louis Vuitton Discovery Pochette 

Next on our list of stylish pouches for men is Louis Vuitton Discovery Pochette which is crafted using a calfskin. It features an iconic monogram that is embossed on the outer lining. With its sleek yet elegant design, this pouch is perfect to carry essential items and business documents. You can opt to style it on its own or store it inside another bag. 

Price: RM5,050.00

Where to buy: Louis Vuitton official store 

7. Alexander McQueen Embossed Leather Pouch

If you look closely you will notice a skull motif that encapsulates the fascination that McQueen has with macabre. The bag is created from black sheep leather which features a smooth finish with an embossed rib cage. It comes with one central compartment and a silver zip closure. With such a gorgeous pattern, it is ideal for formal and casual settings. 

Price: RM3,260.00

Where to buy: Mr Porter official store 

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