Staycation Review: My Serene Retreat at Hyatt House Mont Kiara 

A Sanctuary for All
By: Iffah Salleh
June 14, 2024

Let me share my awesome stay at Hyatt House Mont Kiara with you! I gotta say, my two-day, one-night staycation was a total hit.

They’ve got a range of suites, catering from cosy two-person setups to ones that can fit up to eight people – if you’re cool with a bit of a squeeze. I opted for the Two Bedroom King Beds Suite (with sofa bed), complete with two rooms and a comfy queen-size sofa bed in the living room.

Now, here’s the cool thing about Hyatt House, the ambiance and environment is the usual vibe you feel at any other hotel. It’s like they’ve got this vision to give you all the comforts of home but with that extra touch of hotel luxury. The vibe is serene and peaceful, making you feel right at home — only, way better.

So, let’s dive into the details of my stay and check out what Hyatt House Mont Kiara has to offer!


The check-in process at Hyatt House Mont Kiara was a refreshing start to my stay. Upon arrival, we were welcomed with a simple yet revitalising cold water infused with lemon — exactly what we needed after a journey.

Proceeding to the counter for check-in was a breeze, especially if you’ve pre-booked your room. Handing over the booking slip, the staff swiftly processed our check-in with their computer wizardry, making it a seamless experience.

One thing that stood out was their generosity with key cards. As I was staying with friends, they noticed and offered extra keys without hesitation — up to three, to be precise. It was a thoughtful gesture that made us feel appreciated.

The key cards themselves were unique, crafted from wood, adding a touch of sleekness and whimsy to the experience. I was so enamoured with them that I asked if I could keep one as a souvenir, to which they happily agreed without any fuss.

During check-in, a bellman kindly offered to assist with our bags, although they were light enough for us to handle ourselves. Afterwards, they guided us to the lift, and entering it felt like stepping into an exclusive club with its bright white lights.

Overall, the check-in process at Hyatt House Mont Kiara was efficient, welcoming, and filled with thoughtful touches that set the tone for a fantastic stay.

The Room

The room at Hyatt House Mont Kiara was incredibly spacious and felt like a cosy home away from home. It featured a living room with a comfortable sofa bed, two separate bedrooms – each with its own bathroom,one of which included a bathtub. The highlight was the fully equipped kitchen, complete with a dishwasher, refrigerator, induction stove, and microwave.

For families or those seeking a long-term residence, this room is a gem. The receptionist is always ready to assist with any kitchen needs, whether it’s a blender, a set of knives, dishwasher tablets, or extra utensils. They even ensure that the tap water is safe to drink, adding to the convenience.

The beds were exceptionally comfortable, providing a good night’s sleep. The pillows were great, and both bedrooms offered queen-sized beds along with side tables, a lamp table, a cupboard with a safety box, and a bathrobe,perfect for relaxing by the pool or enjoying a homely atmosphere. The room lighting was adjustable, offering a mellow and warm ambiance, although brighter options were available to suit individual preferences.

Both rooms were equipped with TVs, and the complimentary toiletries provided were of high quality, including a sewing kit, shower cap, cotton buds, and toothbrush kits. The shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel were conveniently embedded into the wall.

Additionally, the room with the bathtub also featured a mini office table, ideal for work-related tasks. The fast Wi-Fi ensured uninterrupted online meetings, adding to the convenience of a comfortable and functional stay.

I want to highlight, that Hyatt House does not provide room service for food, however, they did have 24 24-hour mini H markets – like super mini!- in the lobby and a bar open till midnight.

Hearty Breakfast!

The breakfast at Hyatt House Mont Kiara was a delightful experience that I highly recommend opting for. Conveniently located near the reception area, it was a buffet-style spread offering a satisfying range of options without overwhelming you.

The buffet included the essentials like cereals and milk — I particularly enjoyed the granola — along with a salad counter, yoghurts, and a selection of Nespresso coffee and teas. As a tea enthusiast, I appreciated the option to brew a teapot or a single cup, adding a personalised touch to the breakfast experience.

What stood out was the made-to-order omelette and breakfast items available upon request, adding a fresh and customisable element to the meal. The breakfast spread also featured rice, yee mee, and other dishes. Although I’m not certain if the menu changes daily, I was impressed with the overall variety and quality.

The ambiance and style of the breakfast area were inviting, complemented by the superbly attentive staff. They promptly cleared used plates and were ready to cater to any requests or questions, exhibiting politeness and professionalism throughout. It was a great start to the day, setting a positive tone for the rest of my stay.

The Environment and Sustainability

Their commitment to environmental sustainability is evident in several thoughtful initiatives. As mentioned earlier, their wooden room key cards are just one example of their efforts to support eco-conscious practices.

One noticeable aspect is the non-conditioned facilities on certain floors, creating an open-air space . While this can sometimes lead to warmer temperatures, the presence of winddue to the building’s height ensures a breezy environment, reducing the need for excessive air conditioning.

Upon entering the rooms, you’ll find eco-friendly touches such as a non-electric water dispenser that provides safe drinking water. This initiative helps minimise plastic bottle waste, allowing guests to refill their bottles conveniently when needed.

It’s worth noting that Hyatt House Mont Kiara is a non-smoking hotel, further contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment for guests and staff alike. These sustainability efforts align with the hotel’s commitment to creating a responsible and enjoyable stay experience.


Hyatt House Mont Kiara offers much more than just comfortable rooms; it’s a hub of activities and amenities on its upper floors. On the 36th floor, you’ll find well-equipped meeting rooms and halls suitable for business gatherings, team-building events, or even weddings, adding a touch of versatility to your stay.

Venture up to the 37th floor, and you’ll discover a lively space filled with recreational options. The gym boasts top-notch equipment along with towels and drinking water for your convenience. Adjacent to the gym is a dance room, complete with exercise balls, a full-length mirror, and a speaker system that lets you pump up your workout with your favourite tunes.

For a bit of relaxation or friendly competition, head to the game room nearby. Although not huge, it offers a pool table, cards, and a game stationJust ask the receptionist for access to the video games. 

Need to take care of laundry during your stay? The laundry room on this floor is equipped with washers, drying machines, and an ice cube machine. There’s ample space to fold your freshly cleaned clothes, along with a comfortable table and chair where you can multitask while waiting for your laundry cycle to finish – all of these rooms can be accessed by using your room card.

And of course, the highlight of this floor is the infinity pool. Divided into two sections — a swimming area and a jacuzzi area — it provides a refreshing retreat. Safety is a priority here, with no lifeguard on duty due to the pool’s safe depth. Children below 12 must be accompanied for added peace of mind. Plus, there’s no need to pack your towels; they’re provided at the pool area for your convenience.


The receptionists at this hotel were exceptionally attentive and quick to respond to guests’ needs. Their friendly and efficient service made us feel like we were not just at a hotel but also at a home where we were pampered and well taken care of.

One standout feature that Hyatt House offers is their ‘in-house borrow item’ service. Whether you forgot your charger, needed an international plug adapter, or even a shoe rack for longer stays, you could simply call or fill out a request form. 

While the availability of items may be limited, the staff always went the extra mile to fulfil our requests, ensuring a smooth and comfortable stay for everyone. It’s these thoughtful touches that truly make a difference in the overall guest experience.


Hyatt House Mont Kiara is a standout choice for a staycation, long-term residence, or simply seeking peace of mind in a comfortable environment. The attentive staff adds to the overall experience, making you feel well-cared for throughout your stay. 

The hotel is equipped with everything you need for your daily lifestyle, from spacious rooms to convenient amenities. While the price can vary depending on the rates at the time, it’s generally reasonable considering the quality of service and facilities offered. 

Overall, Hyatt House Mont Kiara offers a worthy retreat where relaxation and convenience blend seamlessly.

Here are some of the area attractions you can explore! Book your room today at Hyatt House.

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