Experience A Posh Staycation At EQ Kuala Lumpur, Your Perfect Weekend Getaway!

Another 5 stars hotel to check in
By: Aqilah Najwa Jamaluddin
October 1, 2021

I have too many hobbies—reading, sleeping, purchasing items I don’t need, and surveying 5 star hotels to be added to my ‘’weekend staycation’’ never ending list. The location doesn’t have to be hundreds of miles away, anywhere around the city of KL will do. And so, when I found out that EQ Hotel had finally returned to business, I couldn’t stop myself from bringing my feet inside the building. 

Here’s a quick recap behind the prestigious hotel. EQ—better known as Hotel Equatorial was first built in the year of 1973, the hotel primarily was a focal point for most locals and slowly gained its well-deserved reputation as a 5 stars hotel in Kuala Lumpur city. However in 2012, the management decided to close its door for a full renovation, redevelopment and redesigning the entire building concept. And after almost seven years in the making, in the middle of 2019, Hotel EQ made its grand return to the Golden Triangle, welcoming international tourists and local visitors alike. 

And good news to all Malaysians! Now that the Ministry of Tourism finally announced the opening of travel sectors once again after almost a year being put on hold, why not celebrate it with indulging yourself and your loved ones for a quick luxurious getaway at none other than Hotel EQ? The systematic location, the views, the luxury interior, the heavenly foods, oh, the list goes on. Still not convinced? Don’t worry, we’re at Glitz will explain in detail why this hotel should be your next destination. 

The Strategic Location

Let me tell you why this hotel is literally the perfect place for you to stay over in KL. The location is precisely placed in between KLCC and Pavillion. So, what’s better than staying at a grandiose 5 star hotel? Yeap, visiting another two grandiose shopping malls in Malaysia, ever. The hotel is located at the same exact spot that it was first built, which is Jalan Sultan Ismail—nothing changes. They’re recognizable in driving apps such as Waze and Google maps. What’s more, Hotel Equatorial KL is just a stone’s throw away from other amenities such as public transportations, fancy restaurants, fast foods, galleries, outdoor sightseeing, and others. You can take a stroll around the city in the daylight and settle with a laid-back dinner before heading back to your room. Everything from shopping activities to dining experiences, you can find anything within a walk away. Isn’t that heavenly? 

The Rooms

Now onto the most-awaited subject. What type of rooms are available at Hotel EQ? With a soaring 52-storeys tall building, they offer 440 rooms that are divided between guestrooms and suites. And each suite came with its own purposes and name—The Executive, The AHA!, and The Presidential. When you first step into the room, best believe you’ll be greeted with an outstanding view of the city skyline. The large windows span across the room, making you feel like you’re on top of the world. Each room is equipped with mirrors, to reflect and maximise each space, making it seem bigger than it actually is. How cool? Also, like any other hotels, each room has its own 55-inch smart tvs hanging nicely on the thick walls. But between the living space and the comfy smooth bed, the cubby hole of the pantry will always have our hearts, which are stoked with coffee, chips and soft drinks. 

Dining Offering 

Speaking of food, staying at EQ will have you walking around feeling satisfied with foods. There are different sections of food served at different levels, by the way—Nipah, Kampachi, Sabayon, Blue and Etoile. We suggest you visit the Blue (the rooftop bar with an outstanding view of KL’s city landscape) during the night. It’ll make you feel a certain type of way, be warned. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a complimentary breakfast at Nipah, the buffet concept is still much alive, but the hotel staff will help with the scooping portion due to the SOP’s limitation. As for the dishes, they have an array of Western meets Malaysian options. So expect the usual favourites like nasi lemak, rendang, scrambled eggs and pastries. Next, for dinner, if you want to experience further luxurious dine, head over to Kampachi. The restaurant has been awarded the Bronze Award for Design Excellence in the Food and Beverages category. So expect a showstopping, lip licking experience of your whole life. The menus are filled with sashimi and seasonal produce. The choices are limited and the night is yours. So sit back and enjoy the good food and the good views. 

The Facilities

Just like the rest of their services, their pool is not an ordinary pool, either. With over 250metre long Infinity Pool, you can blissfully enjoy the relaxing cool water with a skyline view in the daylight. Oh, but you prefer warmer water? Worry not, head over to the Vitality Pool to help soothe and relax your muscles, equipped with underwater jets. Yes, you read it right. But that’s not all, if you need a more relaxing ambience, head over to level 29 to their Sanctum Spa. Pamper yourself in a paradisal rejuvenation. Everyone from their masseuse to the desk clerk, are super super super friendly and welcoming, by the way. 

The Final Verdict

So, will we be visiting the Hotel EQ anytime soon? Heck yes. Every inch and details of this hotel—the views, the location, the amenities and the dining experience—you can’t find anywhere else. That’s what makes this place unique. It’s a once in a lifetime experience. In short, it’s a total blissful, relaxing, yet luxurious staycation you could ever imagine. For more information, visit Hotel EQ official website


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