Star Pisces Sets Sail Today with First Cruise from Penang

The first cruise to resail since the pandemic
By: agnes
December 29, 2021

What is the difference between cruise ships and usual boat rides? Well, cruise ships are huge passenger ships designed primarily for leisure travel. Cruises usually embark on round-trip cruises to various ports of call, where passengers can participate in “shore excursions,” which are tours that guests can do. Due to the pandemic, many cruise ships have halted operations. Today, Genting Cruise Lines and Star Cruises have resail the Star Pisces, the first cruise to resail in Malaysia since the pandemic. At Glitz, we’re bringing you everything you need to know about this resail, and how you can join in on the fun!

Star Pisces Resails

Star Pisces

Genting Cruise Lines and Star Cruises have reached a new milestone today. As Star Pisces sets sail for the first time from Penang (Malaysia) after a long break due to the global pandemic. This signals the start of the domestic and regional cruise and travel industry’s comeback. 

“We’re off to a positive and exciting start as we kick off today’s first sailing with Star Pisces from Penang, introducing new holiday options and experiences for Malaysians, including the 1-Night Straits of Malacca cruise and the 2-Night Langkawi Escape cruise. We are taking the necessary steps to educate consumers on how cruising have evolved to operate in a new norm with layers of safety measures and the application of new safety equipment, making it one of the safest way to travel and enjoy a vacation,” says Madam Cynthia Lee, Vice President of Sales, Genting Cruise Lines.

Passengers were introduced to a range of improved precautionary procedures to safeguard guests and crew. As well as to deliver a worry-free vacation experience. As this was the first voyage operating under the new Malaysian safety and preventive measures. These include the need that all passengers and staff to be properly vaccinated. In addition, they have to complete a series of health screenings while the ship is operating at 50% capacity.

“With our cruise vacations offering value for money packages, our 2-Night Langkawi Escape for 26 and 28 Dec 2021 are already almost sold out based on the permitted capacity limit. As such, we are optimistic that the demand momentum will continue to be strong in 2022,” adds Madam Cynthia Lee.

The Future Of Genting Cruise Lines

Star Pisces

Since the start of the global pandemic, Genting Cruise Lines has been a pioneer in showcasing safe cruises. Other than that, it seeks to expand its footprint of safe cruises in Malaysia and around the region. Genting Cruise Lines is actively discussing the development of ‘Harmonize Cruising Standards’. This will be for the area with various agencies from several nations, including Malaysia. 

This will open up new prospects for controlled and safe international travelling across participating nations. Such as the creation of Vaccinated Travel Lanes (VTLs) for cruise passengers. It will also allow Genting Cruise Lines to boost tourism growth by gradually reintroducing inbound travelers to Malaysia. They will come from its cruise ships homeported in neighbouring countries. As well as by expanding new itineraries in Malaysia and other areas, like Phuket and Medan in the near future.

For more information and bookings on Star Pisces, click here or contact your local travel agents.

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