Single’s Inferno’s Song Ji A Apologises For Wearing Fake Designer Goods

The Youtuber posted a handwritten apology
By: Balqis Ariffin
January 18, 2022

Song Ji A, an internet sensation that starred in a Netflix hit series, Single’s Inferno’s has been criticised for allegedly wearing fake designer items during the show. The Youtuber has posted a handwritten apology on her Instagram account. 

Based on the translated apologies, the 25-year old star stated that “Hello, this is Song Ji Ah. First, I sincerely apologize to everyone who has been disappointed and hurt because of me. I am going to honestly explain about the fake designer items articles that are currently becoming a controversy.”

“Some of the comments currently being made about the fake designer products I wore on social media and on ‘Single’s Inferno’ are true. I’m really sorry. I apologize once again for any situation caused by the infringement of the designers’ creations and ignorance of copyright” she added. 

“As a person with a dream of launching a brand, I will seriously recognize the controversy and reflect deeply. All content with exposed fakes has been deleted. I also apologize to the brands who were harmed because of me.”

Her original post can be seen as below:

The controversy first resurfaced on an online community forum when netizens claimed that several designer goods that she wore during the filming of the show are fake. Amongst the items that they pointed out are the Chanel knit top which is believed to be different from what Blackpink’s Jennie wore. Other branded clothes that are alleged to be fake are a Dior monogram pink tube and a black dress that features a signature print of Marine Serre that Song Ji A was spotted wearing during the series.

A Youtube video also claimed that Song Ji A or commonly known as FreeZia was supposedly modelled an inauthentic Van Cleef & Arpels Magic Alhambra pendant which is reported to cost about S$6,150. Despite her apologies, it received mixed responses from the netizens with some people supporting her while others criticising her acts. 

Song Ji A rose to fame when she starred on Single’s Inferno, a Netflix series that portrays dating life similar to another show, Love Island. She managed to accumulate a total of 3.4 million followers on Instagram and even appeared on several Korean variety shows. 

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