Signature Market Launches Exclusive Gift Box To Celebrate International Women’s Day

With llaollao, Juice Works, and The Fish Bowl
By: agnes
March 16, 2022

Signature Market collaborates with llaollao, Juice Works, and The Fish Bowl to create an exceptional gift box for its customers in honour of International Women’s Day. Signature Market is acting to maximise the voice of the public and improve the well-being of the community through its campaign ‘#SMCelebratesWomen,’ with the goal of spreading togetherness in our local community. 

IWD Campaign

The campaign’s goal is to acknowledge and celebrate women who have inspired, motivated, or improved our lives through this endeavour. The newly launched campaign also aims to aid, treat, and respect people from all walks of life in an equitable and inclusive manner, as well as to advance gender parity.

“At Signature Market, we always believe in making a positive impact on the community via education. Together with our special gift box, we hope to remind our consumers that everyone is equally beautiful in their own way and that self-care is necessary for the overall health and well-being,” said Rachel Saw, Marketing Manager of Signature Market. “To our loyal customers, please know that we care about you and hope that the love you give yourself isn’t any less beautiful or meaningful as the love given by another.”

Collaboration With Lifestyle Brands

The three incredible lifestyle businesses are fully committed to spreading equality and championing women’s empowerment, which is in line with the campaign’s purpose. The partnering brands think that empowering women is critical to our community’s health and social development, and they hope that the public will take advantage of this chance to respect and recognise the value of women’s contributions in today’s society.

“We at llao llao wholly support the message of embracing and accepting what society deems as flaws to be the very foundation of beauty in our individuality. As a brand that has gained a following of the younger generation, we would like to send a message of equality and non-judgement of any kind. Whether it be sexualism or racism, we hope that through this campaign, we can work towards eliminating any form of inequality amongst our community,” said Mr. Tan Kai Young, Director of llaollao.

Priced at only RM65, Signature Market’s Dear Self gift box consists of vouchers from Juice Works, llaollao, and The Fish Bowl. This is paired together with a variety of Signature Market’s bestselling snacks for the consumers to enjoy.

What’s In The Dear Self Gift Box?

1. 1x Juice Works Voucher – Water Berry (Power Size)

2. 1x llaollao Voucher – Medium-Sized with 3 Toppings

3. 1x The Fish Bowl Voucher – Standard-Sized Chicken Bowl

4. 1x Classic Nut Mix (25g)

5. 1x Chunky Peanut Butter (Sugar & Salt-Free) (100g)

6. 1x Omega-3 Trail Mix (25g)

7. 1x Low Carb Mix (25g)

8. 1x Wheat Straw Cutlery Set

9. 1x Spicy Seaweed Turtle Chips (65g)

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