Signature Market Launched SEE Cafe In Mont Kiara, Focusing On Plant-Based & Biophilic Elements

A space that can contribute to improving their mental and…
By: Aqilah Najwa Jamaluddin
July 21, 2022

Congratulations to Signature Market—the first online marketplace in Malaysia that focuses on natural and organic products, for successfully launching their flagship experience store in Arcoris Mont Kiara. A space dedicated to art within an eco-friendly environment, the new store will comprise of many aspects including a Plant Origins Experience Store and newly launched SEE Cafe.

SEE Cafe, Mont Kiara

Officially welcoming the guests earlier this month, the cafe aims to provide a little pause and getaway from the city through biophilic elements and connecting the neighbouring communities by prioritising their health and wellness

The inspiration behind Signature Market’s experience store stems from the brand’s dedication to give back to its loyal consumers with a space that can contribute to improving their mental and spiritual well-being. As a brand that strongly advocates healthy living, the founders’ goal for the store is by incorporating biophilic elements that encourage mental and physical wellness. 

100% plant-based mocktails

“At Signature Market, we believe that healthy living doesn’t just revolve around healthy eating and workouts. This experience store marks our commitment to contributing to the environment and society, that’s why we’ve created a space designed to deliver a calm, relaxing experience that includes dedicated private spaces that are perfect for a few hours of unwinding peacefully. We believe that nothing is more important than taking care of our mental health,’’ said Edwin Wang, CEO & Co-Founder of Signature Market.

SEE Cafe, Mont Kiara

The Signature Market Experience Store will serve specialty coffees designed by reputable baristas David Leong Weng Wai and Cino Lim from Barista Guild Asia. Apart from specialising in coffee-making, the two have invented Malaysia’s first 100% plant-based mocktails using fermented fruit syrup that will be featured exclusively in SEE cafe.

Enhancing the consumer experience even further, the biophilic cafe will also sell picturesque cakes, plant-based breakfasts and meals, as well as lifestyle drinks paired with delicious Signature Market snacks – making it the ideal spot for friend and family gatherings, meetings, and even events. 

Barista Guild Asia

Inside the store, visitors will also find an art gallery and a private workshop space that will host exciting weekly sessions that are open to the public. In the centre of the store, a beautifully-designed staircase (named the ‘stairs of abundance’) features an art piece of closely grown indoor plants symbolising the true meaning of abundance –where everyone thrives better when they’re together. 

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