SHEIN Modest Fashion Launches In Malaysia With Singer Iman Troye

Take a look at this beautiful collection
By: agnes
April 18, 2022

Fashion brand SHEIN is prepared to make a big statement by bringing beautiful kaftans, abayas, hijabs, and other fashionable pieces to our shores for the first first time. SHEIN is also teaming with talented Malaysian artist Iman Troye to commemorate the launch.

Iman Troye has curated and styled a modest wear line that is currently available across all SHEIN platforms. It will include laid-back and feminine forms that will go with any outfit. For your everyday modest appearance, Iman’s collection comprises complementing neutrals with comfortable designs in neutral tones. Summer hues are also available, which are soft pastel pieces that may be mixed and matched for any occasion.

The upcoming recording artist is no stranger to making waves, having been one of the first Malaysians to be displayed on a digital billboard in New York City’s Times Square. Iman has been establishing a reputation for herself since releasing her debut album in 2020, with hits including “Teman,” “Pejam Celik Hari Raya,” and “Nang.”

The unveiling of the new Modest Fashion range on the SHEIN Malaysia website comes just weeks before Hari Raya Aidilfitri, which falls on May 3rd. Most Malaysians look forward to this day, as Muslims visit the mosque early in the morning to thank God for the bounties they have received in life.

With more stylish pieces, as well as additional sizing and colour options to pick from, SHEIN has your Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebratory outfits covered.

“SHEIN has never disappointed me in the wide selection of clothes that I can mix and match to suit my style! I hope that this exclusive collection will add colours to your wardrobe as much as it has for me!” says Iman.

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