Top 5 Salad Atelier Items To Get Your Diet On Track

Start the year off right!
By: agnes
February 4, 2022

It’s a month into the new year and we’re here to ask you – have you thought about your new year’s resolutions yet? If your answer is “no”, then here’s an idea. While eating healthy and keeping fit may be deemed cliche resolutions, your body will thank you in the long run. So, if your resolution this year seems to resonate with ‘new me, new body’ then you’re in luck. Because today, we’re introducing you to Salad Atelier, a salad bar that will help you achieve your dream body. With that, we’re also sharing with you our top 5 favourite picks from their menu!

But First, Let’s Get To Know Salad Atelier

It’s almost impossible to not know who Salad Atelier is. But if you don’t, we’ll cut you some slack. Salad Atelier was established in 2014 by founder Dylan. It was formed with a simple mission: to provide healthy food options to Malaysians. Speaking to Dylan, we found out that Malaysia is actually one of the top countries on the obesity table. He also mentions that this most likely happened because of the lack of healthy food selections back in the 90s. But when Salad Atelier first started, it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. They struggled to obtain customers due to the lack of awareness when it comes to eating healthy. 

“We have tried a lot of methods to attract people to eat healthily, and one of the most successful strategies is by giving our customers the freedom to choose and create their own meal. To date, DIY series is still the best seller as we give control to customers in deciding what they need,” says Dylan.

Today, Salad Atelier’s DIY series allows you to choose from a whopping 80 toppings and 25 homemade dressings. Which is honestly perfect especially for picky eaters like ourselves. With this, we can have a completely different salad every single day!

Salad Atelier’s Sustainability Mission

When asked about this, Dylan says: “Our mission is still the same from day 1 of business. To bring a healthy lifestyle to the community mentally and physically by cultivating sustainable eating habits.”

But what does it mean by sustainable? We know that living can never be fully sustainable, but Dylan and his team of experts have stood up and pledged to do their best in saving the Earth. “Climate change is real, and one of the ways to slow it down is to practice sustainable eating habits,” says Dylan. Salad Atelier is aiming to promote low carbon diets with an added sustainable practice. Besides that, they implement the 3R (reduce, reuse, recycle) practice into their business, by not offering plastic straws and etc. Furthermore, they reward  their customers with RM1 off for bringing their own containers for takeaway.

To learn more about Salad Atelier’s effort in sustainable eating habits, click here.

Carbon Neutral Diet

It’s clear that Salad Atelier intends to go toward a “No Beef Diet Type,”. Thus, eradicating all red meat from its menu completely in the near future. When asked about the new Carbon Neutral Menu, here’s what Dylan has to say:

“The carbon-neutral movement has been a global goal for some time. A lot of corporations are looking into this and trying to lead the drive for change so that our next generation will be as prosperous as us in terms of breathing clean air and natural resources. Although we are not as big as the other corporations, we would love to do our part to save the Earth. What’s better than eating clean and saving our mother Earth?” Says Dylan.

“We want everyone to feel good eating our food by at least preserving the Earth for our future generation. Our ancestors have done enough damage and it is time we redeem ourselves. If everyone cuts away beef and dairy consumption from 1 meal per day. It will reduce carbon emission from 3.3 tons to 1.9 tons per person in a year,”.

The Carbon Neutral Menu features items that have a “Carbon Neutral” logo. It indicates that the food has been thoroughly examined and found to meet the low carbon diet’s strict requirements. For more information on the new Carbon Neutral Menu, click here.

Top 5 Salad Atelier Items To Get

1. DIY Salad

Just as Dylan mentioned this to be the best seller, we definitely agree. Personally, we always get the DIY Salad when adjourning to Salad Atelier. Aside from the wide variety of ingredients to choose from, they have various sizes too. They are the Rabbit, Panda, Racoon, Tiger, Dinosaur, and Freestyle Salads. You can get everything from fully vegetarian choices to some with meat, tofu, fish, and more. Our regular choice is the Racoon Salad with a base of garden greens alongside with chickpeas, pineapples, and scrambled eggs as the toppings.

2. DIY Sandwiches

What’s better than DIY salads? DIY sandwiches of course! Similar to the DIY salad, there are different pairing options on unique types of bread. We went with the 6-inch ciabatta sandwich and chose to get some beetroot and smoked duck. Furthermore, you can also opt to separate your dressing which is what we did. Cutting the sandwich in half, what you get is a beautiful medley of healthy ingredients. Moreover, the beetroot really stood out in terms of presentation. With every bite, we spread a little bit of dressing over it and we strongly recommend you to do the same!

3. Vegan Omni Meat Double Cheese Burger

You’d be surprised at how similar the Omni meat tastes to real chicken. It’s smokey, flavourful and has a lovely bite. In addition, pairing it with cheese and all the other ingredients truly made it one of the best burgers we’ve ever had. But that’s not even the best part. Every single burger is made to order. Thus, it reaches your hands hot and fresh. We definitely recommend you to try it if you haven’t already.

4. Cheesy Chicken Meatballs

If you’re looking to get that protein fix, then we highly recommend the cheesy chicken meatballs. We personally tried it ourselves and love how we can taste the authentic homemade flavour. Unlike processed chicken meatballs, these meatballs do not taste too salty and aren’t mushy. The cheese sauce and light mayo also add a lovely tang to the meatballs. You can opt to have it on its own, or even pair it with a salad without a prime.

5. Very Berry Smoothie

Those on the go may find this smoothie to be the perfect snack. In fact, some may even want this as a meal on its own. We underestimated how filling this would be and ordered it with a salad. By the time it arrived, we were hooked on this Very Berry Smoothie and was unable to chow down our salad. However, it does digest pretty quickly so in the next 2 hours we already had space for the salad!

Salad Atelier’s MyChoice Logo Achievement

The MyChoice logo is only awarded to menus that fulfil a certain nutritional requirement by the government. A total of 17 Salad Atelier menus were awarded Malaysia’s MyChoice logo in 2021 by the Ministry Of Health (MOH). This is to encourage customers in picking low calorie, low sodium set meals with balanced macronutrient composition. Furthermore, each meal provides the necessary nutrition based on one’s daily needs with minimal carbon footprint. 

“As of today, 91% of our menu and 70% of the toppings listed under the DIY salad category are specially designed and created under No Beef, Vegetarian, & Vegan Diet. We are committed to increasing the number higher in the near future by extending more collaboration with other parties like Nestle Malaysia & Omni Meat to introduce meatless menus for a wholesome yet nutritious protein alternative. Together, let’s make the world better for the next generation and more,” says Dylan.

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