Robert Pattinson In Talks With Bong Joon Ho For Upcoming Warner Bros Film

New sci fi film in the making
By: Balqis Ariffin
January 21, 2022

Bong Joon Ho, award winning director who won the Oscar in 2020 with his critically acclaimed film, Parasite is set to write and direct an upcoming sci-fi movie for Warner Bros. 

According to a report published by Deadline, Robert Pattinson who starred in The Batman is also in talks to appear in the untitled film.

The film which is based on the upcoming novel Mickey7 by Edward Ashton is set to be published in the first quarter of this year. It is believed that the book will be released by St. Martin.

The sources told Deadline that although the film will mainly be based on the adaptation of the novel, the storyline might be different given Bong Joon Ho’s experience in directing.

The novel focuses on Mickey7, a disposable employee who is on an expedition to colonize the ice world, Niflheim. It is reported that whenever the mission turns awry, the crew member will rely on Mickey7 to complete the task. Once he dies, he will regenerate a new body and existing memories. After experiencing six total deaths, he has come to a realisation of his ordeal and even makes attempts to prevent another clone, Mickey 8 from substituting him. 

It is alleged that Bong Joon Ho was given the manuscript by Edward Ashton around the end of last year. He was interested in the project and even in talks with other top stars before meeting Pattinson. The sources claimed that the offer was given to Robert Pattinson before the new year. 

This film marks the second collaboration that Bong Joon Ho had with Warner Bros after the limited series on Parasite that aired on HBO. Whereas for Robert Pattinson, the film indicates the first project he participated in after The Batman which is due to release this March. 

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