Sarawak: Rumah Hijau Cafe

Ever tried dining at a greenhouse?

Rumah Hijau Cafe is one of the cosiest eateries in Kuching, located in the heart of the city on Jalan Rubber. The first question customers will inevitably ask themselves is whether the café got its name due to the eye-catching teal exterior or its surrounding vibrant greenery. Regardless of the answer, Rumah Hijau Cafe has a comfortable atmosphere that works as a beacon for exhausted workaholics in the city.

You can choose to sit amongst the plants outside or in the air-conditioned space within the café. However, be warned that although the seating arrangement is comfortably spacious, Rumah Hijau is essentially a bungalow that has been converted into an F&B establishment. If you’re coming with a large party, chances are there won’t be enough seats for everyone, so be sure to phone ahead!

The Menu

Trust us, there are so many tasty offerings served at Rumah Hijau Cafe that you’ll spend a hefty amount of time deciding what to order. Their specialty is any dish that comes with Ayam Penyet, especially their Nasi Goreng Bunga Kantan Ayam Penyet or Nasi Aruk Kenangan Ayam Penyet. How is it possible for their Ayam Penyet to be so crispy on the outside yet so soft, tender, and flavoursome on the inside? One of the world’s greatest mysteries, for sure! Other great dishes to try would be their Butter Chicken Chop with Rice and, of course, traditional Sarawak dishes like Laksa Sarawak and Mee Kolok.

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Not in the mood for a heavy meal? Order their Roti Boom Pisang Cheese Chocolate (if you have a sweet tooth) or Roti Boom Cheese (for savoury lovers). We would also recommend ordering desserts at Rumah Hijau Cafe, specifically their Roti Pisang Cheese Chocolate for a western twist or their Sagu Gula Apong for a local alternative. They also have an array of delicious homemade cheesecakes, including Classic Salted Cheesecake and Horlicks Cheesecake. Don’t leave until you’ve tried them all!

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How to get there

How To Get There

By Car

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Address: 24A, Jalan Rubber, 93400 Kuching, Sarawak
Operating hours: Saturday to Thursday (9:30am – 4:00pm, 6:00pm – 10:00pm)
Closed on Fridays
Contact details: +6016 589 1947