The Cutest Personalized Baby Gifts In Malaysia You Need To Get For The Little Ones

Baby gifts with sentimental value
By: agnes
October 28, 2022

It’s not everyday that a family member or a friend welcomes a newborn baby. But when they do, it is a memorable celebration as they are welcoming a new life into the world. Typically, you would buy a common gift for a newborn baby. And usually that is a hamper filled with diapers, baby wipes, body wash, and more. But have you ever thought about getting them something more unique? Something that you can personalize with a name or build your own box of personally picked items. Well, lucky for you, Glitz has got the perfect list of personalized baby gifts that you can get in Malaysia. So take out your pen and paper, ladies!

15 Best Personalized Baby Gifts in Malaysia

1. Cadeaus Gift

Established in 2019, Cadeaus Gift has only one mission: to create lasting memories and not just gifts. When a baby’s name is decided, it brings a lot of meaning. It is something that is particularly unique to a baby, which allows people to distinguish them from the crowd. At Cadeaus Gift, they aim to highlight that uniqueness. Which is why name personalisation is so important here. From adorable bath robes and bath towels to bibs, blankets, and soft toys, Cadeaus Gift has the perfect personalised baby gifts that you will need in Malaysia.

Where to buy: Cadeaus Gift

2. Raph and Remy

If you’re someone who is conscious about sustainability, then Raph and Remy is the perfect store for personalized baby gifts for you. The brand believes that doing good for your family shouldn’t come at the expense of Mother Earth. This is why their products are high-quality, stylish, and most importantly, sustainable. With an incredibly extensive list of products to choose from, you can easily get personalized baby gifts in Malaysia with a click of a button. 

Where to buy: Raph and Remy

3. Souly 

Getting bored of all the usual baby gifts in Malaysia? Well, then Souly is the perfect baby gifts store for your next gift idea. Whether you are buying for a baby girl, baby boy, or even looking for a gender-neutral gift for a mother who is expecting – they’ve got it all. The unique gift boxes feature adorable soft toys, blankets, portable airtight milk containers, bibs, cotton jumpsuits, teething toys and even a natural nursing balm by Handmade Heroes. What’s not to love?!

Where to buy: Souly 

4. Bea & Bow

Perfect for those looking for the best personalised baby gifts in Malaysia, Bea & Bow started due to the lack of practical and fun gifts in the store. The best thing about the gifts in Bea & Bow, is that every piece is hand-designed by them. The items are also of high quality, have good functionality and are luxurious as well. The brand only uses the best materials and they emphasise on the finer details. To make things better, they also have free personalisation services!

Where to buy: Bea & Bow

5. Tinyme Malaysia

Those who are looking for the ultimate personalized baby gifts in Malaysia can look to Tinyme Malaysia. Not only do they help you personalize clothes and bags, but they also curate personalized books, stationeries and even puzzles! Yes, they customise your baby’s name into a storybook. But that’s not even the best part yet. The best part is that they have an app that you can download and it brings your storybook to life. We truly can’t think of a better gift than these ones. 

Where to buy: Tinyme Malaysia

6. Every Love

If personalizing just names isn’t enough for you then take a look at one of the best personalised baby gift shops in Malaysia. With a wide range of adorable rompers to choose from, you can opt to choose from their designs and add a personalized name. But if you want something even more personalized then you can choose to customise your own design onto the romper. You can even buy matching personalized ones for the mother and father too. How cute!

Where to buy: Every Love

7. Photobook Malaysia

A picture tells a thousand words, or in this case, they tell a thousand memories. Back in the days, we would take pictures of our babies in film cameras and develop them before arranging them into photo albums. Today, photo albums have turned into photobooks, and can be obtained easily. All you have to do is to compile pictures you have of your little one into Photobook’s ready-made templates. Then, just sit back and wait for your photobook to arrive right at your doorstep. Super easy, convenient and personalized. 

Where to buy: Photobook Malaysia

8. Little Diary

Forget the baby wipes, Little Diary curates the prettiest of baby hampers with a touch of personalized cards in Malaysia. So if you’re looking for the best personalised baby gifts, then this is the perfect one for you. Their baby hampers are filled with the most adorable clothing, uniquely packed for baby boys and girls. There are also many different collections to choose from so you will not run out of ideas. 

Where to buy: Little Diary

9. Little Kooma

We have to admit that we fell in love with this precious little baby kimono at first sight! Little Kooma specialises in personalised baby gifts in the form of greeting cards as well as sewed-on personalisations. But, only blankets can be personalized by sewing, and you can choose your preferred thread colour too. However, aside from appealing baby clothing, the store provides a variety of patterned blankets. From stripes, checkers, hearts, stars, and even zebra prints, they all make a great gift for any newborn baby in Malaysia.

Where to buy: Little Kooma

10. With Love

Take personalization to the next level with handmade rattan baskets from With Love in Malaysia. It’s the best personalised baby gift you can find. Every handmade rattan basket is filled with essential baby items like soft toys, organic cotton baby bibs, natural tea tree soap, and more. The gift set also comes with a wooden teether in which the baby’s name can be engraved. Plus, every set features a handwritten calligraphy message card too!

Where to buy: With Love

11. Count and Countess

If you’re looking for something more luxurious, then look to Count and Countess. They aim to offer the finest baby and children’s products. All of which are curated to stand out from the crowd. Their baby bedding linens are made from 100% Egyptian cotton, ensuring comfort, softness, and soothing sleep. Every product offered also features unique details, and personalisation of the baby’s name on various items is available. It’s one of the best personalised baby gift stores to visit in Malaysia.

Where to buy: Count and Countess

12. Little Bearnie

Despite this personalized baby gift shop being in Singapore, they actually ship worldwide, which means expecting parents in Malaysia are able to enjoy the lovely products too. Everything in Little Bearnie is specially designed, making them unique. They also incorporate nostalgic elements into their products. For example, they have an adorable gem biscuit gift box and boba swaddles. They even have a swaddle blanket filled with Singapore’s delicacies that are not unfamiliar to us Malaysians. Dishes like currypuff, kaya toast and half-boiled eggs, and Hainanese chicken rice are highlighted.

Where to buy: Little Bearnie

13. Jae Ko Designs

Jae Ko Designs is one of the best personalised baby gifts you can give to new mothers. This is a timeless and stylish diaper bag that is made of durable and premium leather! For all the moms-on-the-go and new moms, the original Jae Ko bag comes in classic colours, as well as 13 compartments with different straps to suit your personal preferences. Whether you are opting for a monogram with initials stamped with blind embossing, you can easily make these diaper bags unique. Now, mothers can lug around convenient diaper bags while looking chic!

Where to buy: Jae Ko Designs

14. Tots & All

Put all your thoughts into a gift from Tots & Hill! Some kids just can’t fall asleep without their special blanket clutched in their hands. So, why not get a newborn their first cosy blanket with their name personalised on top of it? Choose from a variety of colours, placements and fonts to make it uniquely theirs. Aside from that, Tots & All also offers other personalised products such as caps, pyjama sets, muslin clothes, bags and tot bunnies, all packaged in a gorgeous Tot Box gift set. 

Where to buy: Tots & All

15. Suri Stitch

Give your child’s room a personalised touch when you shop with Suri Stitch. Instead of having a name stitched onto a pre-set catalogue of products, you can customise unique pieces! With the help of Suri, all you need to do is discuss your idea with her and she will create something lovely and unique. Many of her delicately hand-embroidered pieces start at RM80. If you want to get some ready-made pieces of the Little Baby Haiwan as a gift, they are also priced at RM80. 

Where to buy: Suri Stitch

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