Penfolds 2021 Australia Collection Celebrates 70th Anniversary Of Grange

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By: agnes
December 28, 2021

The 2021 release of The Penfolds Australia Collection is a testament to the enduring ‘House Style’ that Penfolds winemakers have upheld for over 177 years. Within the 2021 Collection, Penfolds flagship Grange celebrates its 70th anniversary (1951 experimental – 2021). Here at Glitz, we’re bringing you everything you need to know about this amazing collection!

What Should You Know About Penfolds Grange

Grange’s style and winemaking procedures haven’t changed since the initial experimental vintages in the early 1950s. It’s known for its aromatic complexity, incredibly rich fruit, and ripe tannins of Shiraz. Other than that, the South Australian heritage icon is revered by collectors around the world. This is due to its unique Australian personality, consistency, and demonstrated ageing potential after seventy years of continuous vintage releases.

“The original aspiration for Grange was to create a red wine ‘capable of staying alive for a minimum of 20 years’. Tell that to sexagenarian vintages such as ’52, ’53, ’55 & ’62! Stunningly drinkable in 2021! In modern parlance – under-promise, over-deliver! Long may it continue … and modern Grange vintages such as ’08, ’10 & ’16 patiently await judgement in 2071!” says Penfolds Chief Winemaker, Peter Gago.

Penfolds’ New Wine

Penfolds has developed a new wine, suitably dubbed Penfolds g5, to commemorate Grange’s 70th anniversary. It is a mix of five vintages of Grange. Following the exceptionally successful launches of Penfolds g3 and g4 in 2017 and 2020, respectively, the wine is the final release in the ‘g’ series three. To create a truly distinct expression of Penfolds flagship, the Penfolds g5 blend vigorously entwines Grange DNA from the excellent 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016, and 2018 vintages. The ultra-rare g5 will be sold in only 2,200 bottles globally.

Beyond Grange, the Collection’s wines include blends from multiple regions. In addition, they also include blends from vineyards, single-region wines, and a single-vineyard wine. The 2019 Bins have a savoury theme running through them. Which is exemplified in the 2019 Bin 150 Marananga Shiraz, which is representative of the Barossa Valley this year.

The new vintage red and white wines, like most Penfolds wines, will continue to grow and improve for many years following release. Whether you prefer your wine young or completely developed with the extra richness of bottle age, the length of time to store them varies. This new Collection features red wines with remarkable refinement and cellaring potential. Other than that, there are also white wines with exceptional complexity and flavour.

Limited Edition Wines

Penfolds will release two limited-edition wines developed from parcels slated for Penfolds flagships. The limited-edition wines are the Superblend 802.A and 802.B Cabernet Shiraz, as part of this year’s Collection. The wines are two distinct expressions of the renowned Australian blend – cabernet sauvignon and shiraz. In addition, different conditions raise them. Pair them with some high tea or caviar for the perfect combination. 

“These two new wines are immediately Penfolds, yet different … propelling varied attributes that will challenge and engage. Spoilt by choice – A-Grade cabernet sauvignon and A-Grade shiraz from a wonderful harvest; French and American oak barrels of the highest quality … and that much-coveted ingredient, time. And, winemaking blending freedom to re-configure the expected”, says Gago. 

Both Superblend wines have major parcels of fruit from the Barossa Valley, McLaren Vale, and Coonawarra, as well as minor blending components from Wrattonbully, Robe, and Clare Valley, all obtained from the coveted 2018 South Australian vintage. This formidable duo will be issued in a series and is meant to be collected. You can now purchase the Superblend 802.A for RM3,125 in West Malaysia and RM3,500 in East Malaysia. In addition, you should also know that each bottle contains 750ml of goodness.

The Australia Collection 2021 wines are now available via Luen Heng (West Malaysia) and Mega Express (East Malaysia). For more information, click here. If you like this article then make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more lifestyle-related information.