Penang’s Best Food You May Try Here In Malaysia

Hokkien Mee and Nasi Kandar
By: agnes
November 25, 2021

Now that travelling is slowly easing up, you may see many people planning for a dive trip or a staycation in Kuala Lumpur. However, a trip to Penang, Malaysia is compulsory. Other than the abundant comfortable hotels you can find, Penang is also a food haven. So if you love food (who doesn’t, right?), more specifically Chinese cuisine, Penang is the place for you. But if you’re unsure of where to go for the best food, Glitz is here to help you. We’ve listed down Penang’s best food you may try when visiting the island in Malaysia. 

10 Of Penang’s Best Food You May Try

1. Hokkien Mee @ 888 Hokkien Mee

One of Penang’s best food you may try when paying the island a visit is Hokkien mee. Now, Klang Valley peeps are used to seeing Hokkien mee in thick black sauce versions. But the Hokkien mee in Penang is very different from the saucy ones you will find in Kuala Lumpur. The Hokkien mee in Penang features a spicy soup base with sambal on the side. Some may compare Penang’s Hokkien mee to Klang Valley’s Hae mee (prawn noodles). But rest assured that Penang’s version is one that’s tastier and flavourful. 

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2. Curry Mee @ Hot Bowl White Curry Mee

Curry mee is definitely one of Penang’s best food you may try. Curry mee is also known as curry laksa or laksa and features a tasty curry broth alongside yellow noodles. At Hot Bowl White Curry Mee, the broth is white, allowing you to add your own sambal paste to the broth. By doing this, you can control the level of spice. Want more spice? Then just add more sambal paste. Other than that, another unique thing about Penang’s curry mee is the toppings you get. We’re talking about pig’s blood cubes and fresh bloody cockles, which promises to add a depth of flavour to your bowl. 


3. Chendul @ Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul

You should never leave Penang, Malaysia without trying this chendul. The weather in Penang can get pretty hot and humid, which is why this is one of Penang’s best food you may try. Roadside stalls are abundant in Penang, and they all serve really good food. At this Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul, get authentic and soft chendul with a creamy coconut mix. For an affordable price, it’s the perfect cool-down treat when walking on the streets of Penang. 


4. Assam Laksa @ Penang Road Famous Laksa

Are you looking for the best Assam laksa in Penang, Malaysia? Well, then we are introducing you to Penang Road Famous Laksa, one of Penang’s best food you may try. Assam laksa is a Nyonya dish, featuring Nyonya noodles in a flavourful fish broth. It is sour, spicy, and simply relishing. Assam laksa also features a wide variety of local vegetables, making it a very healthy dish to eat. In addition, if you prefer more spice, then feel free to add on some sambal. 


5. Fish Head Bee Hoon @ Village Fish Head Bee Hoon

Fish is one of the healthiest selections of protein one can consume. This is why one of Penang’s best food you may try is the fish head bee hoon. At Village Fish Head Bee Hoon, every bowl is so popular that you may need to wait for half an hour to an hour. But we guarantee that the wait is worth it. You can choose from two types of broth, clear and tom yam. In addition, there are various add ons you can get aside from the complimentary fish slices. 


6. Rojak @ Rojak Ho Wei Jeng (101 Rojak)

Are you a fan of rojak? Then one of Penang’s best food you may try is the rojak. Rojak in Penang is different from what you will find in Klang Valley. Instead of savoury tofu and vegetables, you will find sweet rose apples, guava, and pineapples here. At 101 Rojak, the sauce is what completes the dish. The sauce features crushed peanuts and belacan, which adds texture and a little bit of spice. Truly, it’s a dish you must try when visiting Penang, Malaysia. 


7. Loh Bak @ Prawn Fritters & Loh Bak

Enjoy the breeze of the sea while snacking on loh bak, one of Penang’s best food you may try. If you’re unsure of what loh bak is, we’re here to let you know what it is. Loh bak is a Chinese dish featuring deep-fried ingredients like popiah, fish balls, yam cakes, black sausages, and more. This dish also typically features crispy prawn fritters. In Penang, you can enjoy the best prawn fritters and loh bak at Tan Jetty. The stall has been operating for over 20 years and is still churning out delicious plates today. 


8. Oh Chien @ Bee Hooi Restaurant

You should never leave Penang, Malaysia without trying the Oh Chien. Oh Chien is also known as oyster omelette and it’s one of Penang’s best food you may try. As Penang is an island, naturally the seafood here is the freshest you can get. Thus, the oyster omelette is one that bursts with flavour and crispiness. Don’t forget to smother it in the chilli sauce for that spicy kick. Other than Oh Chien, you can also get Lala Chien, which is made of lala clams instead of oysters.


9. Nasi Kandar @ Hameediyah Restaurant

Looking for some memorable nasi kandar in Penang, Malaysia? Then head on over to Hameediyah Restaurant at Lebuh Campbell. This is one of Penang’s best food you may try when on holiday here and we guarantee you will be craving it time and time again. Hameediyah at Lebuh Campbell is actually the oldest nasi kandar stall in Malaysia and serves the most flavourful plates. Although now Hameediyah is found in Klang Valley, nothing beats the original stall in Penang. 


10. Lor Mee @ 218 Hainan Lor Mee

We know that Penang, Malaysia is sunny most of the time. But they do have their wet seasons too. And on these rainy days, one of Penang’s best food you may try is the lor mee. Lor mee in Penang is thick, soupy, saucy, and most importantly, it keeps you warm on these wet days. In addition, a splash of vinegar adds the perfect hint of sourness to every scoop. Each bowl also comes with pork belly and egg alongside fried shallots, adding the most piquant aroma you will ever find. 


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