Want Pearl Milk Tea Without The Guilt? Try The Nu Skin Trgo® Protein+

A boost of protein, guilt-free
By: agnes
June 20, 2022

Due to a busy lifestyle, you may not always have the time to collect the proper number of nutrients for your body. Protein is required for the growth, development, and repair of important tissues, especially if you engage in rigorous physical activities on a daily basis. The amount of food required varies according to age, activity level, and nutritional goals. Therefore, Nu Skin introduces TRGO® Protein+, a tasty and practical method to increase your protein intake. 

What’s TRGO® Protein+?

TRGO® Protein+ is a plant-based protein made from soy, making it suitable for lacto-ovo vegetarians. Protease is used in the formulation, which promotes protein digestion and amino acid absorption, resulting in a higher protein intake. This enables you to create, grow, and repair body tissues.

Flavour Profile

It is available in the pearl milk tea flavour, which is made up of natural black tea extract, black tea flavour, and vanilla flavour. This gives you a nice mouthfeel and a pleasant tea fragrance, and it satisfies your milk tea needs without putting you over your daily calorie limit.

“Boosting your protein intake doesn’t always have to take hours of preparation with complicated ingredients. Sometimes it can be something as quick as grabbing a protein-packed drink,” said Hendrix Wong, Vice President, Market Operations of Nu Skin Malaysia & Brunei.

“On top of that, nutritional food has always been stereotyped as food that tastes bland, and that makes it hard for certain individuals to transition to a healthier option. This is why we opted to release the TRGO® Protein+ in pearl milk tea flavour. We understand that it is hard to curb certain cravings and that pearl milk tea is still very popular in Southeast Asia. Why go against the cravings when we can leverage it to come up with something tasty yet still good for your body?” he added. 

The First

Malaysia was the first country in Southeast Asia to introduce and promote TRGO® Protein+ with a pearl milk tea flavour. Each sachet of TRGO® Protein+ has 10g of protein and can be consumed before, during, or after a meal or activity, as well as as a nutritious snack. Simply dissolve 1 sachet in 150ml water by shaking it until the powder is completely dissolved.

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