How To Renew Passport In Malaysia So You’re Ready For Your Next Trip

your dusty passport is in dire need of an update
By: Nina Shahriman
April 4, 2022

Just recently, the Malaysian government announced that it’s finally reopening all its borders for travellers in and out of the country. Additionally, with the announcement of the pandemic now considered an endemic and Covid-19 restriction easing, it’s time for only one thing: to pack your bags and get travelling. With that, your dusty passport is in dire need of an update so here’s Glitz’s guide on how to renew your passport in Malaysia.

How To Renew Your Passport In Malaysia

First things first, there will be no walk-ins. To schedule an appointment, visit the online renewal portal.

Afterwards, choose your preferred office and time slot, and wait for confirmation. While you must bring your current passport and NRIC, you must also print off the appointment letter from the Immigration Department. You will be refused entry if you do not comply. Don’t be shocked if the next available position is at least a few weeks out from the time you apply.

Even if you have no intentions to travel in the near future, you may wish to renew now to take advantage of the large discounts. The price for the 5-year validity for those aged 13 to 59 is RM200. Senior citizens just have to pay RM100.

If you’re renewing your passport in person, keep in mind that you may only pay with credit cards, debit cards, or the Touch ‘n Go e-wallet. You will then be able to obtain your new passport one hour after making the payment.

Things To Keep In Mind

white and red labeled box
  • Applicants must be at least 13 years old and have received an e-passport (chipped passport).
  • In the space provided in the system, the applicant must put in the proper and accurate information. The application will be refused if there is incorrect information/declaration, and legal action may be taken under Section 12 (1) (c) of the Passport Act 1966. (Act 150).
  • Only legal guardians who gave permission during the previous application process are eligible to apply online for candidates under the age of 18. The legal guardian must be present when the passport is picked up at the immigration office. The passport will not be given over if the guardian is not present.
  • A birth certificate is required for applicants under the age of 18, as well as the presence of a valid guardian who has given permission.
  • Applicants must include a current passport-sized picture in their application.
  • To get a passport, applicants must show themselves with an identity card, an existing passport, and a payment receipt. Representatives are not permitted.
  • The passport will not be surrendered if the required documents are not submitted or if the applicant fails to attend.
  • Passport renewal is only possible in regular conditions.
  • The passport book must be in good working order (not damaged, scratched, exposed to water).
  • Applicants with missing or damaged passports are not permitted to apply online.
  • Citizens who are in the country unlawfully or in violation of the law are ineligible to apply for a passport online.