Best Nursing Bra In Malaysia With Five Star Reviews

Comfort and convenience
By: agnes
October 19, 2021

One of the most important things when raising a baby is feeding them with breast milk, especially for the first six months. When breastfeeding, breast pumps and nursing bras are extremely essential items to have. The unique thing about a nursing bra is that it provides comfort and convenience. This is because it is wireless and is flexible enough to fit when your breast size changes. If you’re a breastfeeding mom who is looking to purchase the best nursing bra in Malaysia, then you’ve come to the right place. Glitz has chosen those with five-star reviews so you can have only the best.

Nursing Bra In Malaysia

1. Audrey Wireless Maternity Nursing Bra

Those looking for comfort and style can try this nursing bra in Malaysia. Suitable for women with a size ‘B’, this bra features adjustable straps and a sturdy back closure. For easy breastfeeding, there are drop clips available too, with super easy hooks to keep them in place.

Why we love it:

  • Provides good support with T-shirt style 5/8 cup 
  • Has drop clips and front buckle clips
  • Material is a cotton blend

Price: RM39.00

Where to buy: Lazada

2. XIXILI Preslie Nursing Lace Bra

Who says being a new mother cannot walk out of the house in style? This nursing bra by XIXILI proves otherwise! With beautiful lace detail, this nursing bra also provides the support you need by using soft wires instead of going completely wireless. Plus, the pad is non-removable which prevents it from dropping out or deforming your bra shape. 

Why we love it:

  • Stylish
  • U-shape design provides coverage and support
  • Uses soft wire for comfort

Price: RM149.90

Where to buy: Shopee

3. Holabebe Seamless Nursing Bra

Another important thing when it comes to breastfeeding is allowing your breasts to breathe. This is because it goes through quite a process when breastfeeding. This seamless nursing bra in Malaysia will surely allow breathability and flexibility with its simple but super functional design. Other than that, it can stretch up to three sizes bigger and comes with a complimentary bra extender. 

Why we love it:

  • Simple and functional design
  • Wide shoulder straps for support
  • Stretchable up to three cup sizes

Price: RM39.90

Where to buy: Shopee

4. Shapee Luxe Nursing Bra

Sports bras are super comfortable and are even commonly worn on their own in the popular athleisure style. So if you’re someone who prefers the sports bra style when it comes to purchasing a nursing bra in Malaysia, then look no further. This luxury nursing bra by Shapee provides 360-degree support and comfort, with inner slings that hold your breasts up when you drop the cup to breastfeed your baby.

Why we love it:

  • Has good coverage
  • Seamless and wire-free design
  • Has a four by four hook design for the back closure which provides extra hold

Price: RM69.00

Where to buy: Shopee

5. Bmama Comfortable Full Coverage Nursing Bra

If you find the usual drop clips a bit challenging, then check out this nursing bra in Malaysia. With a unique removable chest pad design, all you have to do is to pop the chest pad off from the button to feed your newborn. After that, just push the button back into place with ease. This super convenient design means that your baby will not need to wait for long when it comes to feeding time. 

Why we love it:

  • Has a unique removable chest pad design
  • Stretchable and breathable
  • Large mold cup that supports change in breast size

Price: RM49.00

Where to buy: Shopee

6. 9months Wirefree Nursing Bra

For someone who is constantly on the go, breastfeeding can be a little inconvenient. Lucky for us, we can breast pump and store our breast milk to be fed to our babies at a later time. With this nursing bra in Malaysia, you are able to do both. The hook provides easy access to breastfeed while the removable pads are fitting for breast pumping anywhere anytime. 

Why we love it:

  • Has classic lace details
  • Removable pads for easy breast pumping
  • Full coverage and good support

Price: RM89.00

Where to buy: Shopee

7. Neubodi MOMready Starter Kit (2 Maternity & Nursing Bra Sets)

Why get just one nursing bra when you can get two? This starter kit by Neubodi features two nursing bras in black and nude. Though the colours are basic, it is what every mother needs because they can be worn with any kind of clothing. Aside from that, they also provide coverage and support that every breastfeeding mother would need. 

Why we love it:

  • Removable and washable foam paddings
  • Comes with a free bra extender
  • The fabric has three layers for extra coverage

Price: RM162.00

Where to buy: Shopee

8. Bravado Full Nursing Bra

If you’re looking for a bigger nursing bra in Malaysia then this is the ideal one for you. Suitable for DD or E-G cups, this bra provides full coverage and support. It is also made from cotton which means it is ultra-soft and breathable. This bra features an easy open and close nursing clip. Plus, it has a full drop away design that allows you to have skin-to-skin contact with your baby, which is super important. 

Why we love it:

  • Comes in bigger sizes
  • Wireless and has a big bottom band for comfort and support
  • Full drop away bra cup design

Price: RM111.20

Where to buy: Shopee

9. Lunavie Black Seamless Nursing Bra

When you get pregnant, your cup size can grow up to three times. This is why you need a specific bra during your pregnancy and even during postpartum. Lunavie understands that and thus, this multi-purpose nursing bra in Malaysia can be used during pregnancy, postpartum, and when you breastfeed. It’s the perfect bra to have when kickstarting your motherhood journey. 

Why we love it:

  • Weight is distributed evenly with the wide side panels
  • Has one hand drop-down clip which makes it easy to open bra cups
  • It is made with microfibre fabric which allows the circulation of air

Price: RM59.00

Where to buy: Shopee

10. Lilian Wireless 3/4 Cup Moulded Maternity Nursing Bra

While most full-coverage nursing bras have little to no designs, this particular one features beautiful lace detail throughout. Aside from convenient drop clips, the bra also features a front buckle which adds extra support. But that’s not all that the front buckle does. In fact, it also gives an added convenience for when you want to breastfeed your baby, allowing the front pad to open completely for an easy experience.

Why we love it:

  • Soft and comfortable material
  • Full coverage with lace detail
  • Has a front buckle for extra support

Price: RM53.00

Where to buy: Shopee

11. Medelabra Lace Soft Nursing Bra

It’s not often you find items that are affordable and comfortable at the same time. But this stylish nursing bra with soft lace will be something worth adding to your collection. Not only is it breathable and easy to unhook for breastfeeding, but is soft and gentle to your skin. 

Why we love it:

  • Modern design
  • Comes in adorable pastel colours
  • Thick shoulder strap

Price: RM22.00

Where to buy: Shopee

12. Modernform Women Nursing Bra

Living in Malaysia’s hot weather means having to find the proper bra with good ventilation and comfortable material. Well, fret not as this nursing bra is made from cotton and features a cotton lining too. It also comes with hooked pads, making it easy to breastfeed your baby. 

Why we love it:

  • Contemporary floral design
  • Strong support
  • Wide shoulder strap

Price: RM30.00

Where to buy: Shopee

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