NMIXX, JYP New Girl Group Sets To Drop Debut Single AD MARE

Newest girl group to stan!
By: Balqis Ariffin
February 14, 2022

After almost eight month long since the release of the blind package last year, JYP’s latest girl group NMIXX  will drop their debut single AD MARE this 22nd February. NMIXX or formerly referred to as JYPn is the first girl group to launch after their label mate, Itzy debuted over three years ago. 

The group have been releasing teasers and photos which were inspired by dreamy and whimsical concepts. According to the official website, NMIXX comprises seven members Lily (October 17, 2002), Haewon (February 25, 2003), Sullyoon (January 26, 2004), Jinni (April 16, 2004), Bae (December 28, 2004), Jiwoo (April 13, 2005) and Kyujin (May 26, 2006).

Their agency, JYP Entertainment has revealed the tracklist for their debut album in early February. The album includes tracklist  “O.O”, a title song and “Tank”, a B-side that was arranged by Dem Jointz, a Grammy award-winning producer. 

The details of the NMIXX’s members also have been released and they even make a surprise appearance on ‘Weekly Idol’ sharing their MBTI, roles and snippet of the choreography for the upcoming tracklist.

Previously, this highly anticipated girl group was teased to the public around July last year with the blind package. It created a buzz as it allows fans to obtain exclusive posters, photo books, membership cards and a limited edition CD of the forthcoming girl group without any further details. Despite that, a total of 60,000 units were ordered by fans all over the world with the hopes to attain these collectable memorabilia.

It was widely reported that NMIXX is managed by Lee Ji-young, the first female board member of JYP Entertainment. Other reports also allege that artists including TWICE, Wonder Girls and 2PM have helped scout and train the members. 

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