The Ultimate Guide To Mastering The Art Of Minimalist Fashion

A guide on mastering minimalist fashion like a pro.
By: Nina Shahriman
September 27, 2021

Minimalist fashion is gaining popularity, and rightfully so. Minimalists have a stylish, trendy, and effortlessly gorgeous appearance. And the secret is to just keep it simple- yes, it’s that easy! With that, Beauty Insider has prepared a guide on mastering minimalist fashion like a pro.

There are many people hopping on the train, making getting ready easier instead of thinking about what goes with this pattern, etc. Additionally, we’ve got big names who are avid fans of minimalist fashion from movie star Angelina Jolie to supermodel Liu Wen. Therefore, if you’re tired of not having anything to wear or simply desire to go back a step with styling; this is definitely the guide that will save you.

What Is Minimalist Fashion?

Minimalism is about getting rid of the things that don’t provide value or joy to your life, leaving only the things that do. Minimalist fashion is having a small collection of items that fit you well and provide you delight. It may be described as any type of clothing that aims to emphasise simplicity and utility. It may take many different shapes, ranging from everyday clothing to special events and even high fashion.

Keep things basic, to put it that way! Minimalists make a big statement with the least amount of apparel possible! They flaunt their style flawlessly, and they don’t even have to fill their closets to do so. The appearance, the message, and the style are all important. You’ll be off to a good start if you keep things clean and uncomplicated.

Minimalist Fashion Tips To Live By

1. Layering is better

Layering is crucial. This is ideal for when it becomes a little cooler outside, especially during Singapore’s rainy season. A few simple layers may provide a lot of results. Pair dark, slim-cut jeans with a light, comfy sweater, for example. Then, over your sweater, add a stylish scarf and finish the look with a long, black coat.

My personal favourite is pairing a tank top under an unbuttoned white shirt and black slim-fits. You don’t need much to keep warm and stylish, and you don’t have to wear much.

2. Monochrome is the way to go

A monochromatic outfit consists of multiple items of clothes of the same colour or different shades of the same colour, as the name indicates (mono means one and chroma means colour). Therefore, you’re wearing a monochromatic ensemble if you’re dressed in the same colour from head to toe.

An outfit that is the same colour appears incredibly classy and chic. It’s pretty appealing to look at because it’s quite simple. Not only that, but it’s really simple to put together! Simply select pieces from your closet that are various tints and hues of the same colour and combine them.

3. Start simple

Most people think that minimalist fashion consists of a t-shirt and jeans and call it a day. When in turn, minimalist fashion can be so much more versatile than you think. However, it’s all about learning, researching and trying out styles.

Therefore, start simple and build your statement until you’re happy with it. To add, you can even be creative with it such as by pairing an oversized sweater and silk slip dress under.

4. Texture gives a definition

In fashion, texture has an impact on how colours seem and how design lines work. Fabric’s body and surface are described by texture. Because textures have so many different properties, they may either improve or detract from the design of a garment.

Moreover, they also have an impact on the size and form illusions of the figure. The minimalist aesthetic is all based on simplicity, not eye fatigue. Mix smooth materials with textural accents to give your outfit some variety.

5. Dainty accessories are your new besties

I’m a big fan of minimalist style, however, and many people will ask, “what’s your secret to looking good but basic (not in a bad way)?” I tell them two words: dainty accessories. Bracelet, necklace and earrings- these are what will make your outfits stand out.

Accessorizing is another way to show off your personality and sense of style. While your clothing choices reveal everything about your own style and preferences, accessories assist to elevate your look.

6. Quality over quantity

The better the quality, the more appealing the shirt. Quality clothing just looks better, from the brighter colours to the stronger fabric. Finally, quality is crucial since it increases the longevity of garments. Clothing made with higher-quality dyes and colours, for example, will last longer and stay brighter.

As a result, this is to ensure that they can endure repeated use and washing. Instead, then focusing on the short-term costs, consider the long-term advantages.

7. Statement piece will complete the look

The statement item is the part of your clothing that people notice initially. It’s usually an item like a necklace, earrings, or a purse. It may also be a piece of clothing, such as a pair of heels or a skirt. We’re all aware that we shouldn’t evaluate individuals based on their appearance, yet it still happens.

The rule of thumb for statement pieces is one so stick to it and don’t go overboard. We want it to stand out but it can either make your look or break it.

8. Tailoring is the best-kept secret

Tailoring is an important component of fashion that focuses on the garment’s style or cut before being stitched according to the fitting and body dimensions. For ladies who feel like they never have the proper fit, this is where tailoring comes into play.

With that, think about your minimal plain clothing; if they don’t stand out in a pattern, we can at least make sure they fit your body and compliment your figure. Getting your clothes tailored will benefit you in the long run as well.