Meet Marks & Spencer’s Adorable Easter Friends!

Snacks to put a smile on your children’s faces
By: agnes
March 25, 2022

M&S is thrilled to introduce the exciting new members of their chocolate egg collection to customers this Easter. From Harri the Hedgehog to Inky the Octopus, the UK’s most popular shop has enlarged its Easter offering, making Easter giving for friends and family sweeter than ever! Customers can also expect eggs to be packaged in totally recyclable containers. Here at Glitz, we bring you an exclusive insight into this adorable collection!

Cute Characters & Family Favourites

M&S offers a whole new collection of beautiful critters to choose from, including chocolate bunnies, which are an Easter favourite. Walter or Wilma, two pawfectly delicious sausage dog-shaped chocolate hollows created from M&S’s premium quality milk and white chocolate, are the perfect gift for dog lovers. Inky the Octopus, a highly cheerful eight tentacle pal, is a great way to surprise someone special. Alfie and Bella Bunny, best friends since childhood, are back on the shelves this year to brighten up your Easter; they’re almost too cute to eat (almost). The Omballs characters, now in a small form and with an extra special Easter makeover, must not be forgotten. These Belgian milk and white chocolate critters are drenched in chocolate flakes and taste incredible.

1. Extremely Chocolatey Biscuity Egg

The one and only egg for fans of the hugely popular Extremely Chocolatey Biscuits. This large thick chocolate egg is rippled with tasty biscuit pieces.

Price: RM99

2. Wilma / Walter the Sausage Dog

Back by popular demand, the adorable Walter is made from paw-fectly creamy milk chocolate. And don’t miss his new friend Wilma, made from milk and white marbled chocolate.

Price: RM58.90

3. Space Eggsplorer

The perfect egg for space fans, big and small! Shoot for the stars with this tasty milk chocolate shuttle, which comes with chocolate planets and some super cool space facts! (Did you know sunsets on Mars are blue?)

Price: RM58.90

4. Inky the Octopus

These are the cutest Easter treats around – say hello to Inky the octopus! Both are made from extra creamy milk chocolate and finished with adorably intricate decorations.

Price: RM58.90

The Ultimate Speckled Easter – Giant Speckled Egg Bar

What’s not to like about a tiny egg with a speckling? The good news is that M&S has introduced a new vegetarian-friendly speckled egg product! This chunky milk chocolate bar is jam-packed with the brand’s distinctive speckled eggs.

Price: RM58.90

Discover The Brand New Buns

While nothing rivals the indulgence of their favourite Luxury Hot Cross Buns, it’s always enjoyable to mix things up! This year, M&S’s flavoured hot cross buns take things to the next level with:

1. Extremely Chocolatey Hot Cross Buns

Four extremely chocolate hot cross buns enriched with dark, milk and white chocolate pieces and cocoa powder. Best served toasted with a layer of butter.

Price: RM17.50

2. Luxury Hot Cross Buns

Four spiced hot cross bun enriched with butter and egg, packed full of juicy sultanas, Vostizza currants, orange and lemon peel and a unique spice blend.

Price: RM13.30
You can purchase these delicious treats at Marks & Spencer’s stores nationwide or online.

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