McDonald’s Malaysia Is Giving Out Free Coffee To Vaccinated Individuals!

And only RM1 to upgrade to McCafé Iced Latte!
By: agnes
October 11, 2021

An essential element to everyone’s breakfast, coffee is a fragrant drink made from roasted coffee beans. Today, coffee has become a staple and comes in many different forms as well. Whether you prefer your coffee in the classic black, latte or even mocha, one thing we can all agree on is that it keeps you going, especially in the morning. Here’s a little fun fact: did you know that October is International Coffee Month? Yes, there’s a month specially dedicated to your favourite morning concoction! And in conjunction with International Coffee Month, Mcdonald’s Malaysia is giving out free coffee to vaccinated individuals! Here at Glitz, we’ve got all the information on this amazing deal, so make sure to keep reading.

Keep Going and ‘Kopi On’ with Mcdonald’s Malaysia

McDonald’s Malaysia is spreading hope and positivity during this troubling pandemic. To do so, they are rewarding Malaysians with a taste of their McCafé coffee. Three million Americano coffee vouchers are given to those who have received their vaccinations. 

But that’s not all, aside from the generous vouchers, McDonald’s Malaysia is introducing 3.5 million exclusive #KitaBoleh cups for McCafés throughout the country. With this initiative, McDonald’s Malaysia hopes to cheer and remind Malaysians to stand together. The sentimental #KitaBoleh rally cry McCafé cups will be available throughout the month of October. 

With this message of strength and resilience, the pioneer quick-service restaurant hopes that Malaysians will keep going through thick and thin, especially during the pandemic. So the next time you get the #KitaBoleh rally cry McCafé cups, make sure to snap a picture to encourage your friends and family to keep going!

What Is In The McCafé Coffee Vouchers?

Mcdonald's Malaysia

If you have recently gotten your vaccinations at a vaccination centre, you might have been given these McCafé Americano vouchers. Seventy-five vaccination centres nationwide have been distributing these vouchers to individuals from mid-September. You can redeem these vouchers at McDonald’s throughout the year until 31st December 2021, with any purchase. 

“Our company values the wellbeing of our fellow Malaysians and to keep their fighting spirit going, we are giving out the free McCafé Americano vouchers at selected vaccination centres throughout the country to thank Malaysians for doing their part and getting vaccinated. We are committed to support the community in any way we can and what better way to do it through a coffee drink that is a favourite amongst our customers,” said Azmir Jaafar, Managing Director and Local Operating Partner of McDonald’s Malaysia.

RM1 Upgrade To McCafé Iced Latte

Aside from the exclusive McCafé Americano coffee vouchers, McDonald’s Malaysia is also giving a special price for Malaysians to upgrade their coffees. Malaysians will only need to pay RM1 to upgrade to a McCafé Iced Latte with every McValue meal purchase. 

“McCafé was introduced in 2012 to bring the espresso experience and high-quality premium coffee to all Malaysians, at great value that not many others can match. Any time is a good time to have a cup of quality coffee prepared by our professionally trained baristas. For this year’s International Coffee Month, we are excited to roll out this special deal for all coffee lovers so that they can enjoy a cup of delicious McCafé Iced Latte with their McValue Meal,” Azmir added.

So rejoice latte lovers – hurry up and upgrade your McValue Meal drink to a McCafé Iced Latte now!

Additional McCafé Promotions Throughout October

So you have read all about the McCafé Americano coffee vouchers, the exclusive #KitaBoleh rally cry McCafé cups and the special RM1 upgrade to McCafé Iced Latte. But that’s not all. Throughout the month of October, McDonald’s Malaysia is also offering additional McCafé promotions on the McDonald’s app!

Here’s what you can expect to get from the McDonald’s app this month:

  • RM1.99 for medium Iced Latte
  • 50% off on selected McCafé drinks
  • Special deals for selected McCafé cakes.

To enjoy these additional McCafé promotions, make sure to download the McDonald’s app from Google Play or Apple Store. Just click on this link to download for Android users, and this link to download for Apple users. 

Why Should You Try McCafé’s Coffees?

Perfect for those who are constantly on the go, McCafé’s coffees boast a great flavour for an even greater value. They make the coffees with 100% premium quality Arabica beans, after roasting them to a perfect medium-dark. As soon as you place your order, they ground the fresh beans for you and brew your coffee on the spot This ensures the freshness of the coffee as well as maintaining the aromatic flavours. 

All of McCafé’s drinks and desserts are prepared according to Halal and food safety standards. They are also certified by the Department of Islamic Development (JAKIM). The best part is that all of the coffee beans used to make espresso-based beverages at McCafé are sustainably sourced from Halal-certified suppliers.

To know more about McCafé’s exciting deals throughout October, click here!

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