‘’Master of Disguise’’ Exhibition By Wildlife Photographer, Chien C. Lee Is Available To Visit Until January 2023

An ambitious show featuring over 60 mesmerising photographs focusing on…
By: Aqilah Najwa Jamaluddin
July 5, 2022

Pictures credit to @/soyacincau

Biologist turned photographer Chien C. Lee is launching his second wildlife photography exhibition at Malaysia’s creative community mall, GMBB. Named “Masters of Disguise”, the wildlife photography exhibition features mesmerising photographs focusing on the art of deceit in nature through camouflage and mimicry. Chien’s first exhibition, the evocative “Borneo’s Tree of Life” was regarded a resounding success, captivating the hearts and minds of thousands of visitors during its display at GMBB.

Masters of Disguise Exhibition

Describing the “Masters of Disguise”, Chien Lee said, “From cryptic concealments to mimics and masquerades, Mother Nature is the original trickster. Across the planet, countless organisms utilise deceit to gain an advantage in their never-ending bid for survival. These remarkable adaptations, crafted by the uncompromising paintbrush of natural selection, have resulted in some of the most extravagantly detailed outfits, some of which seem to approach the realm of science fiction. 

He added, ‘’I have sought out these devious designs of nature with the aim of documenting them with photographs. Some of the most memorable encounters are those that have made me look twice, sometimes more, before realising a wondrous disguise for what it truly is.’’ 

GMBB’s Darkroom Gallery

Lim Ying Xian, curator of GMBB, said, “It has been an honour for GMBB to exhibit Chien’s 15 years of work discovering new and lost species of flora and fauna through the “Borneo’s Tree of Life” exhibition. And we are proud to once again support the meaningful works of this internationally renowned photographer who has worked tirelessly to raise awareness about our tropical rainforests by instilling a sense of wonder and appreciation for nature. 

The “Masters of Disguise” is Chien’s fifth solo exhibition in the past 5 years and the first to specifically focus on the wondrous realm of camouflage and mimicry in nature. It will feature some of Chien’s most memorable encounters roaming tropical rainforests across four continents over the past 25 years – with many species hailing from Malaysia’s very own Sabah and Sarawak.

Chien C. Lee

This exhibition will be on display at GMBB’s Darkroom Gallery beginning 2 July 2022 until 15 January 2023. Admission is free and visitors are welcomed to walk in or pre-book a free guided tour during the weekends. Other activities that are currently ongoing at the creative mall include a new month-long children’s book festival called Stories + Art = Picture Book. 

There are also multiple other exhibits featuring art collectives, solo art exhibitions, wayang kulit and even one on orang asli arts and culture. Not forgetting weekly rollerblading classes, regular art classes and Chinese drums classes.

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