Craving A Staycation? ‘Suite’ Luxury Awaits at W Kuala Lumpur

Meet their Marvelous Suites
By: Astrid Zulhaime
June 13, 2024

W Kuala Lumpur is known nationwide as one of the best luxury hotels in Malaysia, perfectly situated mere steps away from the iconic Petronas Twin Towers. If you’re on the lookout for a much-needed staycation within the city, there’s no better option than W Kuala Lumpur, particularly their Marvelous suites. These 14 elegant rooms strike a perfect balance between value for money and providing a remarkable, memorable stay that’ll make you want to extend your visit for the foreseeable future.

Meet the Marvelous Suites at W Kuala Lumpur

Courtesy of W Kuala Lumpur

The Marvelous suites come with a separate living area, which creates two distinct spaces, allowing guests to set the mood and tone. You can relax on the couch in the evening and watch a movie before heading to the bedroom afterward to wind down and recharge for the next day. Utilising both of these different spaces enables guests to optimise their productivity accordingly. A staycation is no excuse to laze about all day, after all!

What’s a room without an amazing view? The Marvelous suites offer just that, especially of the iconic Petronas Twin Towers, available from certain rooms. Even without this particular view, guests can admire Kuala Lumpur’s diverse and interesting architecture, including the Menara Kuala Lumpur and Merdeka 118. The bathroom adds another marvel, featuring luxurious amenities and their standout double rain-shower, ensuring a stylish and enjoyable experience — even in the bathroom!

For those needing more space, W Kuala Lumpur provides the option of connecting the Marvelous Suites to an additional Wonderful or Spectacular Room. Parties, reunions, large family gatherings, you name it, everyone’s in for a marvellous stay, no matter the size of the party. Guests can choose between adding one King-size bed or two Queen-size for those looking to stay the night.

Deals Galore!

Courtesy of W Kuala Lumpur

To make your stay even more enticing, W Kuala Lumpur offers several stay packages with perks and discounts, making the Marvelous Suites an irresistible choice. Enjoy dining at FLOCK and YEN with the Insatiable Tastes package, indulge in a spa treatment and champagne with the You, Me, and W package, or get a 15% discount with a minimum stay of four nights with the Exceptional Stays package. W Kuala Lumpur welcomes you with open arms and a marvellously luxurious suite!

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