Here Are 10 Malaysia’s Most Popular Luxury Brands, As Ranked By Consumers

Checkout Malaysia’s most sough-tafter luxury brands
By: Aqilah Najwa Jamaluddin
November 26, 2021

Malaysians and their weekend-shopping spree could never be separated. I dare you to point to one specific mall that is not packed with crowds come weekend—you cannot. And even if they are not leisuring around the mall to search for their desired stuff, study shows that 75% of Malaysian shoppers prefer to do their shopping online. So as you can see, there’s a huge relation between Malaysians and obsessive shopping. 

When it comes to luxury shopping, though, it’s a bit tough. Everyone has their own favourite luxury and or cheap brands. Mine would be Chanel, of course, but in Malaysia, brands like Gucci, and Burberry are considered the most sought after luxury brands. With their values, profits and standards, these top 8 luxury brands have proven to deliver strong performance throughout the year, online and offline—as ranked by consumer. 

1. Chanel 

Since its founding in 1910, Chanel has grown with women as we have earned greater rights and authority, as well as continued our pursuit for equality. Chanel is a sign of power, and Chanel purses are highly stylish and can be used with any outfit. One can trace the growth of Chanel by looking back in time, which is exactly what we’ve done here with the most famous Chanel purses of all time.

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2. Dior

Dior ranked top 5 in Malaysia’s choice of luxury, mainly because of its creativity in attracting the millennials via designs and consistency. Their famous “We should all be feminists” T-shirt and social media-friendly “J’adior” brand have attracted widespread Instagram attention on shoes and bags. 

3. Gucci

Gucci is one of the top sought after luxury brands in Malaysia and it is proven by their consumer data that showed it gets talked about 11 million times a month, surpassing all other fashion brands worldwide. 

4. Louis Vuitton

We are all aware that Louis Vuitton is a well-known luxury brand that many of us try to get our hands on. Furthermore, we also like to refer to the brand in its shortened abbreviation, LV. This French Fashion House and luxury brand was founded in 1854 by none other than, Louis Vuitton. Best known for its monogram pattern that decorates most of its products ranging from bags, clothing, watches and jewellery. As one of the world’s leading luxury fashion houses, it has over 460 stores worldwide in 50 countries. 

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5. Tiffany & Co. 

Thanks to celebrity designer Virgil Abloh’s decision to take over as men’s art director, Louis Vuitton’s popularity skyrocketed. In addition, the brand has also carried out many corporations in various fields, from working with Supreme to establishing connections with millennial shoppers, to working with Master & Dynamic. Louis Vuitton’s name is no stranger to Malaysian consumers. 

6. Rolex

This is probably one of the most famous luxury watch brands in the world. Those who are thinking of getting their first-ever luxury watch in Singapore would most likely turn to Rolex. Rolex watches are classic and timeless in their designs. Plus they match perfectly with almost all your outfits. From the classic collections to the brand new GMT-Master II, Rolex has shown mastery of timepiece making. 

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7. Balenciaga

The spectacular Balenciaga has grown largely thanks to a reimagining proposed by designer Demna Gvasalia. The brand’s streetwear, combined with a comfort wear approach to capture the attention of millennials and Gen Z shoppers. Today, 60% of its customers are young shoppers. 

8. Coach 

First founded in New York in 194, the name Coach is no stranger to luxury brand consumers. Stuart Vevers brought his vision to life with the ever inclusive spirit and courage of his designs. Up until now, Coach creates things that are all things beautiful, made to last and statement worthy – just for their fans.

9. Pandora

Verified in different sizes, styles, designs and colours, every piece of charms consists of bedazzled stones, motifs and eye-catching gems. How can one not fall in love with these splendid features? The bracelet charm soon skyrocketed in the fashion and jewellery industry, making it one of Pandora’s standout signature products. Now, Pandora sales boost over more in 100 different countries and six different continents. 

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10. Chloe

Chloe recently introduced Chloé Craft—aims to pioneer new levels of traceability and transparency when it comes to the fashion industry. In this new collection, the techniques used by Chloe cannot be mimicked by machinery. They can only be mastered by the human hand, which cleverly intrigues guests. The overall collection is naturally low impact and incorporates more recycled materials while still preserving the brand’s quality.

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